Learn how this Digital Skills Training can bridge the Gap Between Employers' Expectations and What College Provides

Watch the video below to find out how this digital skills training can help bridge the gap between employers' expectations  for new graduates. 

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What is Modules by Brightspark?

The Modules by Brightspark Crash Course in Digital Marketing is a crash course covering all you need to know to be ready for a job with an employer who expects you to be able to do everything just because you are a Millennial!

The material in this course was developed in conjunction with a number of students from Trinity College, UCD, and TU Dublin, all of whom are now working in graduate roles or paid internships.

Who is the Modules by Brightspark Crash Course in Digital Marketing for?

People who graduated from college in 2021 who want to get a job in digital (especially if you didn't study marketing or business) AND you don't to go back to college to do a Masters for another year!

What You Will Learn

Research & Strategy

- Personas
- Competitors
- Strategy
- Instagram hashtag research formula
- Hashtags for research and reach
- Listening tools: how to use them
- How to grow followers


- Types of content
- Sources of content
- Copywriting & caption writing
- Canva for images
- Kapwing for video
- Livestreaming techniques

Instagram, TikTok & Influencers

- Bio's for Business Accounts: Instagram & TikTok
- Instagram Captions: The Formula That Drives Reach & Engagement
- How to Grow Followers
- How To Find & Engage Micro Influencers: A Process
- TikTok Strategies to Game the Algorithm


- Google Analytics - how to read reports + set up conversions
- Google Ads Overview - important settings to save money on campaigns
- How To Write Blog Posts that maximise on-page optimisation for search engines

- Updating Wordpress Websites

LinkedIn Deep Dive

- LinkedIn Profile Optimisation
- Connections Strategies for LinkedIn

- Understand the LinkedIn to drive engagement
- LinkedIn Content Plan

- LinkedIn Strategy for career growth

Paid Social: Facebook & Instagram Ads

- Overview of Objectives & Targeting options

 - Creative that converts
- Money Saving Tips For Ads That Facebook Does Not Want You To Know

 - Troubleshooting issues with Facebook Business Manager

Still Have Doubts? Imagine the Following Situation...

You’ve just spent 3 or 4 years in college doing an arts degree or something you love.

When you get out of college, you’re happy at first, but then you might be under pressure to get a job. 

In many cases this is incredibly scary, college hasn’t taught you how to get a job. They haven’t even taught you how to optimise your LinkedIn profile and work it to your advantage in job interviews!

It’s beginning to look like another year going back to study for a masters.

But then what?

You’re going to be facing into the same situation this time next year - only you’ll be another year older, more in debt, and not started making money doing something you love.

What if you did something different?

You know the digital sector is booming.

Covid has been a game changer for businesses of all sizes and across sectors as they’ve accelerated their adoption of new technologies and switched to digital. 

There are loads of jobs.

But coming straight out of college, there’s a disconnect between what you can do and what employers are looking for.

Many employers assume that anyone your age is just born knowing how to ‘do digital’ and that’s not always the case. It’s not hard, it’s not rocket science, but you just need someone to show you once.

What you need is a crash course in digital skills that employers are looking for.

A course on how to plan, prepare and promote social media campaigns, create content for websites and analyse the results.

It doesn’t have to be an academic course provided by some university.

If they didn’t teach you these skills in the years you were there, why would you pay them thousands of euro to get another chance?

It doesn’t have to be an accredited course.

Accreditation is an expensive process that takes years to achieve. 

It’s a mark of quality alright, but it is also a mark of outdated course content and, let’s face it, quite a lot of course filler.

The Modules by Brightspark Crash Course in Digital Marketing is a 6 week live online training with one of the leading practitioners in digital marketing in Ireland. 

You will learn the fundamentals of digital marketing from a strategic business perspective.

You will get experience at setting up campaigns from scratch and cheatsheets on what to do when you take over accounts, like you will in your first job. 

It will give you the skills and confidence you need to land that first job and live up to your new boss’s expectation that you can in fact do everything!

The Modules by Brightspark Crash Course in Digital Marketing will teach you how to be a better marketer by providing you with the formulas used by digital agencies when they write copy, make captions, plan content and promote using ads. 

When you take the course, you will learn about the different types of roles that exist in the digital marketing industry. You can make your own mind up what types of jobs appeal to you. And most importantly of all, you will learn a proven process on how to perform in that job, after you’ve landed it!

Employers don’t look at accredited courses when making decisions on who to hire.

They look at the person they are hiring and whether they are a good fit and able to do the basic functions of the job.

Ask anyone who has their career on track: how did you get started?

They will tell you that it’s a case of being in the right place at the right time, and a bit of luck.

If you are locked away in college doing a Masters, you’re not going to be found.

If you show up, with the skills provided by the Modules by Brightspark Crash Course in Digital Marketing, you at least set yourself apart and there’s a chance that your first employer will find you. When you complete the course you can show employers that you are aware of what skills they need and that you have taken steps to get them.

Most 21 year olds have a fair idea on how to manage Instagram, Snap or TikTok accounts. They just need someone to show them how to do it for business. The Modules by Brightspark Crash Course in Digital Marketing is like finishing school for digitally savvy graduates.

You can take the course, which is delivered over 6 weeks, and get your career started.

Or you can press pause in your life again and go back and do a Masters.

What Students Say

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Maryrose Lyons - "Queen of Social" & Digital Marketing Pro

Maryrose Lyons is the owner of the first digital marketing company set up in Dublin. She has been delivering digital marketing since 1999, has been around since the start of social, and is one of the very few in Ireland who was invited to join the International Academy of Digital Arts & Science - that's like the Academy Awards of Digital!

Maryrose is an early adopter and has helped lots of businesses create and manage their social media processes:

  • Helped Tourism Ireland to become the third largest tourism agency in the world, growing audiences in the millions, and operating multi-national multi-lingual campaigns across the world
    • When Tusla needed to come to Twitter, she guided the Comms team on how to engage with audiences and create content to resonate with people. 
    • Provided sound advice to Dromoland Castle to jump on Instagram and use it to drive brand awareness with their personas there
    • Numerous client successes in the area of politics - helping candidates to get elected. 
    • Helps hundreds of businesses to grow followers, create content that excites, and use paid social media to get their messages out to as wide an audience as possible

    Maryrose Lyons

    "I love working with Millennials. They are so smart and switched on. But they do need help in getting strategic and commercial about doing digital. I decided to put all my years of experience in Digital Marketing into one place to help graduates get the skills they need to get jobs in this fast growing sector without having to go back to do a Masters."

    How Modules by Brightspark was born

    As a Digital Marketing Consultant, I work with businesses around the country in a variety of sectors. I've seen first hand what employers expect new graduates to be able to do.

    I assume that university marketing courses equip students with these skills, but what about non marketing students? Currently their options are to do a Masters or a Postgrad in a business subject. But many colleges block them from doing digital forcing them to do a general marketing qualification first.

    I created this course for new graduates who want to get a job in digital, but don't want to go back to college for yet another year.

    Digital Certificate

    In order to mark the achievement, you will receive a digital certificate from Modules by Brightspark. This is something you can add to your LinkedIn profile or append to your CV.

    100% Money Back Guarantee

    We offer a 30 day guarantee. This means that if you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, we will refund your money back. In four years of selling marketing courses online, we have never had a single return. We always get the strongest testimonials and thanks.

    Sample Lesson

    Watch below a little of what you will find in this training 👇

    Click on the button above to join the exclusive Whatsapp group and receive some valuable course takeaways and a special offer that is not available anywhere else.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this Crash Course in Digital Marketing for me?

    If you graduated from college in 2021 and want to get a job in the digital world (especially if you haven't studied marketing or business) AND you don't want to go back to a master's degree for another year, then this Modules by Brightspark digital marketing course is for you!

    Can I register for the course now?

    Not at the moment. You will join an exclusive WhatsApp group where we will share some valuable content and a special offer. This special offer is at a different price, below what we usually charge for regular subscriptions, but it will only be available to those who are part of the WhatsApp group.

    How long will I have access to training?

    You will have access to all training materials for 1 year.

    When will I receive my certificate?

    You will receive this as soon as you finish the course.

    Is there a chance to put it into practice?

    Yes. Unique to this course is an opportunity for a small group to work together as part of a team to put their new skills into practice on a live project. 

    What is the value of the investment?

    TODAY level 1 (LinkedIn only) costs €199 and level 2 (6 weeks live online learning) costs €900. These are the regular prices. The SPECIAL OFFER prices will be shared only  in the WhatsApp group when we launch. You've got to be in the WhatsApp group to get the offer.

    Is it for beginners? Will I be able to follow the course without any problems?

    Yes, whether you are a beginner to everything or a super advanced Instagrammer or Snapchatter, this course is perfect for you! All of the content was roadtested with a group of beta testers earlier this year, so everything you will learn is exactly what you need to get a job in digital. 

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