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Next Wed, 23 Oct. I'll be MC'ing the best Search Conference to take place in Dublin City. Will you be there?

What are you doing next Wednesday? I’ll be hanging on every word of every speaker at the 3XE Search Conference. 

Shane Lyons Georgia Bates No really… I will be hanging on the words of every class speaker in town! This is because I will be MC’ing the greatest search event in town, it’s on next Wednesday and to be a good MC you need to listen. 

If you haven’t already got a ticket yet, you should. Check the agenda and line up here:

Alan  Coleman of Wolfgang Digital did an excellent post during the summer on  What 5G Means For Marketers. It was his usual succinct clear thinking and I’m sure Wolfgang teamsters, Beth and Brendan, will convey the latest updates on the matter and bring their own finesse and flair.

I’m also looking forward to Shane Lyons and Georgia Bates on the future of shopping in Ireland

And I’ll be nodding my head to Gavin Duff on Content Pollution. One of favourite business books of the last decade is “Content Shock” by Mark Schaefer. I’m interested to hear Gavin’s updates on the subject.

There are plenty of case studies which are always welcome as we can learn from others. And I’ll be sure to stick around for Fernando Angelo from fave tool SEMRush talking about snippet optimisation.

So that’s the non-technical person’s hot tips on 3XE Search Conference for this year. I’m sure my SEO colleagues will be glued to the talks on machine learning, performance optimisation, and MT-DNN. 

I think the team at 3XE Digital should be commended for putting on an excellent line up of technical and non technical but very accessible SEO for the Irish audience.

Will you be in Dublin next Wednesday?  I hope to see you there.

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