Learn How To Rock LinkedIn The Same Way You Rock Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok

When it comes to the world's #1 social media platform for business, it's all about being yourself, and creating connections that will last you a lifetime.

Shine Brighter With Brightspark

Get An All Star LinkedIn Profile
In Less Than An Hour

We've got all your LinkedIn concerns covered

Shine a light through the confusion about doing LinkedIn right.
Get the answers to your most pressing questions.

Does this sound like you? You set up a LinkedIn account because you were told you had to. You had a quick look around, saw your Dad's friends, and some people you don't hang around with at college, and you legged it?

Fast forward to now. Finishing college is getting very close. Real life and that amazing career you've always promised yourself starts soon. You know you need to get your head around LinkedIn, but there are just so many other things going on.

You've heard that employers and future bosses check you out on LinkedIn. You've got your Insta and Snap games strong. If only they'd take a look at how great you are over there. Oh no. Not such a good idea!

When you set up your LinkedIn account, you didn't really know what to put in. Anything you saw online or on YouTube were all geared up for bosses who already have seven figure careers and lots of experience.

You know there are a whole lot of features in it that can make you stand out, but you just haven't got the time or desire to work them out.

Plus you want to do it really well. You've got great grades, you've a lot to offer. You want to make sure that you don't make any mistakes on LinkedIn that could let you down. Not at this late stage. Not in front of a future employer.

Give Your LinkedIn Profile A Glow Up

First we'll show you how to get the best LinkedIn profile.
Then we'll give you our formula for content success. With this neat little trick, you can appear as if you're everywhere, with very little effort.

We'll even show you how to build your connections and get noticed by people who can get you to your dream job.

Get all that in an hour? Not bad, right? 

Shine As Bright As You Want

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About The Course Teacher, Maryrose Lyons

Maryrose Lyons is the Digital Marketing OG. Her talents have been rewarded by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Science - that's like the Academy Awards of Digital.

She is an in-demand speaker and digital marketing trainer and has helped thousands of people put into practice what they need to get results.

This LinkedIn course for new graduates is a must for anyone who wants to learn how to use LinkedIn to elevate their career. Get a head start on your class mates. Outshine your competition and score that promotion or job that you want and deserve.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Lucy O'Connor

Trinity College Dublin

I’d always been told in college that I had to be on LinkedIn, but it was always last on my list.

I did the Brightspark course and now I feel I can do LinkedIn better than anyone else I know! I've got an all star profile. I've made some brilliant connections. I feel confident with the little tips and tricks.

Keara Curtin

TU Dublin

I really enjoyed it because I was just starting out.

It's handy to know the tips, because it's the small things that can make a difference like how to 3x your chances of being found.

Amy Fitzsimons

Trinity College Dublin

So informative. I really enjoyed it.

The way it's put together, it's focused on Graduates and how we need to make an impression.

It's different to any other course. 

I learned so much, and I got over the reservations I had about LinkedIn. 

Rebecca McGann

TU Shannon 

My profile is set up in a much more professional way.

I've more of an idea of what to do.
I didn't even realise half of these features were available. Now I feel I can control the conversation when it comes to getting a job.

Take This Course And Know That You've Got LinkedIn Covered - For Your Lifetime!

Learn how you can outshine all of your peers on LinkedIn, be found in searches by Recruiters and Hiring Managers, and land the Job of your Dreams without having to spend too much time at it!