How To Build Your Connections On LinkedIn?

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How to build your connections on LinkedIn?

How to build your connections on LinkedIn? Well, like everything with LinkedIn, it all starts with having a really good profile. I have a really good section in my course on LinkedIn, which is all about setting up the profile.

When it comes to your connections strategy is really important that you engage often. As with every social media platform, you have to be consistent and LinkedIn isn’t any different. This means:

  • Show up everyday (every working day)
  • Post regularly
  • Respond often

See what your connections are up to, usually they are announcing something they are proud of, so you can give them a like, a congratulations, or some emoji love!

Participating in this way will get you seen on LinkedIn. And in the right way. Note that I’m not advocating joining Groups and posting links to your latest product, offer or giveaway!

So in relation to who you’re going to accept connection requests from, you need to decide for yourself. Are you going to go really broad? Are you going to go just for people you know? Are you going to go a little bit further on field? It’s up to you to decide.

When you’re reaching out for connection requests, be sure to always use the “Add Note” button. Do not just hit “Connect“.

I’ve got lots of information on how to build your profile in my LinkedIn module. Even the most hardened LinkedIn networker is guaranteed to pick up some tips. If you’re just starting out, and you want to use LinkedIn to improve your chances of getting that dream job, it’s €99 well spent.

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