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Instagram Stories Ads! Why do you want to use them? How to use them? What not to do? All this and more.

Instagram Stories Ads! Why do you want to use them?

Well, they’re ads that appear in Instagram Stories feeds, which are rocking the joint right now!

Facebook announced at the Developer conference that the stories format is proving to be much more popular than the news feed format, so stories is where it’s at.

They can be images, they can be video (of 15 seconds) or they can be carrousel of 3 images. It has to be vertical and it’s a really good idea to have your sound on because 70% of people listen with the sound on.

You can set them up using the Facebook Ads Manager. We have a really good course on how to use the Facebook Ads Manager. Follow this link.  

When you’re setting them up you have the same objectives, you have the same targeting options available to you. The only thing we’re suggesting is on “placement” set up a separate ad set just for your instagram stories ads. Because Facebook is now automatically converting your ad copy and sticking it on to your ads as text that can’t be edited. We don’t like the font so that’s my top tip. Set them up as separate ads set.

I have lots of content all around on Instagram Stories Ads. I hope you have a go with them, they’re really cheap! Did I say they’re cheap? They’re really popular, they’re hot right now, they’re new…

Go and try Instagram Stories Ads!

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