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Presenting economic data in an interesting way that will appeal to people is no easy task, which is why I am so happy with the infographics that Brightspark Consulting have produced for us. Being able to tap into the wealth of creativity in Brightspark’s network of illustrators and designers has brought our ideas to life in ways that I previously could not have imagined and has opened up our work to a whole new audience.

Cormac O’Sullivan, Senior Researcher,

Infographic Design Ireland For





Infographic Design Ireland Results

Water Infographic

Budget Infographic


Budget 2015 infographic


Troika Inforgraphic


Reasons Why Infographics Succeed

  1. They contain information of value to the intended audience.
    When we created the Water Pricing Infographic, water charges in Ireland were a hot topic. The infographic lays out the facts and informs people about Publicpolicy’s role since the start of this debate. Water Infographic 2
  2. They hook into what’s happening!
    Data and design alone won’t make a memorable infographic. You’ve got to incorporate a theme that will resonate with your audience. For example, Farewell to the Troika used the three wise kings theme because it was being launched at Christmas.
  3. You can relax a little…
    Infographics are meant to be fun, and you can relax your design rules a little to get creative and do something different. You want to use imagery in your design to capture attention and lead the eye down your path of information. These hooks could be numbers, or design elements.
  4. “Content is King, but Distribution is Queen, and she wears the pants!” (Jonathan Perelman)
    All of the above said, don’t get too hung up on the design of your infographic. It’s essential to make sure your infographic is easily found and shared by your intended audience.
  • When we publish infographics, we add all the relevant metadata and include social sharing plugins to maximise reach and make sure it’s not a lonely infographic!
  • We sometimes give a little push with targeted Twitter and LinkedIn ads at the beginning.
  • Use your existing contacts – so send a big email to your opted in email marketing list.
  • Get listed on infographic beauty parades. 
  • Reach out to the media, try for mentions on news sites and popular blogs. We often get good coverage in the Irish media which generates a huge amount of buzz!

Working closely with, we marry design and data to make the finished product the most perfect version of the output of our imaginations.



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