Digital Skills Bootcamp for Hotel Staff to quickly escalate skills & Make Digital A Priority.

Watch the video to find out how this digital skills training bootcamp for hotels can enable you to put in place campaigns that will drive direct bookings.  

What is the Hotels Digital Skills Bootcamp ?

It's a crash course in digital marketing covering all you need to know to start getting serious results from digital marketing for hotels in Ireland.  

The material in this course was specifically developed for Irish hotels, based on years of experience working on social media in the industry. 

Starts 9 November. Runs for 6 weeks.

Who is the Hotels Digital Skills Bootcamp for?

  • Sales people in hotels that are also managing digital
  • Revenue Managers managing the revenue function and digital
  • Commercial Managers that manage the revenue, sales, and digital function
  • GM's and Hotel Owners that need to manage KPI's of the digital strategy

What You Will Learn (Over 6 Weeks)

Research & Strategy | 9 Nov

- Typical Hotel Personas
- Social Media Platforms
- Content Planning Process
- Instagram Hashtag Formula
- 2022's Instagram Content Formula Utilising Reels, Carousels & Stories

Content | 16 Nov

- Types of content
- Sourcing images on a budget
- Copywriting & caption writing
- Canva for graphics
- Apps for image and video editing

- Content planning in action

Instagram, TikTok & Influencers | 23 Nov

-How To Find & Engage Micro Influencers NEW

- Micro Influencer Negotiation Strategy
- Instagram Captions: The Formula That Drives Organic Reach & Engagement
- How to Grow Followers on Instagram
- Getting Started with TikTok: How to Reach Customers 

- Reels & TikTok techniques that work

Google & LinkedIn & Ads Review | 7 Dec

- Google Analytics: set up conversions + analyse data
- Review micro influencer campaign

- LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

- LinkedIn Plan to drive Engagement for B2B

- Review Ads

Facebook & Instagram Ads | 30 Nov

- How to set up a direct booking campaign

- Objectives & targeting considerations

- Creative that converts
- Money saving tips for ads that Meta doesn't want you to know

 - Troubleshooting Facebook Business Manager issues

- Launch your campaign

Review, FAQ's, Plan Ahead | 14 Dec

- Email Marketing
- Influencer results - who's done what? Success stories

- Budgets - planning a realistic digital marketing budget

- Plan Ahead - how to resource this: DIY versus outsource

- FAQ's 

What People Are Saying...

Still Have Doubts? Imagine the Following Situation...

You’ve just spent most of your career working in a non-marketing role doing something you love.

When you get the promotion to Sales or Revenue Management (or both!), you’re happy at first, but then you might be under pressure because you know you don't have all the digital smarts of doing it efficiently. 

You know you're a whizz on Instagram. You can find your way around Facebook if you needed to. But you haven't a clue how to produce a digital marketing strategy and implement campaigns and assess their performance using appropriate metrics. 

All this and the summer season is right on top of us!

Don't Panic.

You can get help.

Not the regular overpriced waffle that you've heard about elsewhere.  You don't need to sit in a room and learn about why digital marketing is great. 

What you need is guidance to make an actionable plan you can use now. Tools that will save you time. Templates and strategies used by real digital marketing practitioners to manage and support hotels' growth. 

Covid has been a game changer for the hospitality sector and it has accelerated the adoption of new technologies and switched the entire audience to digital. 

There is a lot of opportunity. 

But coming from a non digital background, there’s a disconnect between what you can do and what your employer is looking for.

If you're younger, you're faced with the very real problem that employers assume that anyone your age is born knowing how to ‘do digital’ and that’s not always the case. If you're older, you're afraid of being called out for not knowing how to do your job, when all that is happening is rapid and irrevocable change all around you. It's hard to keep up.

What you need is a digital skills bootcamp that has been especially designed for hotels needing to come back after Covid and win in this new space.

A crash course on how to plan, prepare and promote social media campaigns, create content for websites and analyse the results.

The Modules by Brightspark Crash Course in Digital Marketing is a 6 week live online training with one of the leading practitioners in digital marketing in Ireland. 

You will learn the fundamentals of digital marketing from a strategic business perspective.

You will get experience at setting up campaigns from scratch and cheatsheets on what to do when you take over accounts, like you will in your first job. 

It will give you the skills and confidence you need to land that first job and live up to your new boss’s expectation that you can in fact do everything!

The Modules by Brightspark Hotels Digital Skills Bootcamp will teach you how provide you with the tools used by digital agencies when they write copy, make captions, plan content and promote the message and get it out there using paid social media.  

When you take the course, you will learn how to do things, and you will be given exercises to do that week that will put it into practice. You can work on your content and marketing while you are doing the course. And most importantly of all, you will get access to support and feedback while you do it.

You can take the course, which is delivered over 6 weeks, and get peace of mind that you're sorted and work efficiently.

Or you can continue winging it and hope that everything goes well. 

Maryrose Lyons - Digital Marketing OG

The OG of Digital Marketing in Ireland. Maryrose Lyons has been around since the start of social, and is known for her handle on exactly where it's all going. An in-demand trainer, she brings a passion and enthusiasm for digital marketing that will make you fall in love.

This programme is about giving you the skills and processes that you need to do the job efficiently and professionally. Guaranteed no waffle from a course tutor who knows the hospitality industry inside out. Experience includes: 

  • Helped Tourism Ireland to become the third largest tourism agency in the world, growing audiences in the millions, and operating multi-national multi-lingual campaigns across the world.
  • Managed the social media for Failte Ireland's Meitheal event (pre-Covid) and helped Meet In Ireland communicate with business audiences through social, including Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 
  • Delivered social media training to the owner manager teams of Choice Hotel Group that led to drive dramatic improvements through video and engagement. 
  • Provided sound advice to Dromoland Castle to embrace Instagram and use it to drive brand awareness and engagement at a time when Facebook was still deemed to be the King!
  • Failte Ireland Mentor - helping hotels, activities, and excursion providers with their websites, email marketing, social media and ads.
  • Helps hundreds of businesses across Ireland to grow followers, create content that excites, and use paid social media to get their message out to as wide an audience as possible.

Maryrose Lyons

"I love working in the hospitality sector. I'm so glad we are back! I have observed that there's a demand for campaigns that drive direct bookings. So I decided to put all my years of experience in Hospitality Digital Marketing into one place to help people get the skills they need and put their learning into practice to set up and run direct bookings campaigns for summer 2022 and beyond."

Digital Certificate

In order to mark the achievement, you will receive a digital certificate from Modules by Brightspark. This is something you can add to your LinkedIn profile or append to your CV.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We offer a money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the course for any reason, you can immediately stop and we will refund your remaining money back. In all our experience delivering hospitality sector training, we tend to get the opposite response. Lots of testimonials and thanks. But it's good to have a guarantee in case you're not happy. We know!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Hotels Digital Marketing Bootcamp for me?

Yes, if you have recently been promoted from a Sales or Revenue Manager role and your job involves digital OR if you are a Junior Digital Marketer who has more academic knowledge than experience, then this Digital Marketing Bootcamp by Modules by Brightspark is for you!

What is the cost of this? 

Every session runs for 2 hours and costs €150.
There are 6 sessions and the total cost is €900. 

You will receive recordings of every session which you can keep and refer back to at any time.  Contact us for an invoice or pay online now.

How will the training be delivered?

Training will be delivered via Zoom on Wednesday mornings, from 10am to 12pm. There will be short breaks. You will be part of a group of similar people who are all keen to develop their digital skills like you. There is great learning through sharing, and you will be encouraged to reflect on your practical exercises of putting it into practice each week.

When will it be on?

It starts on Wed, 9 November. It is delivered by Zoom and you will get recordings in case you miss any. There are 6 sessions of 2 hours each, and you will be finished by 14 December.

Is it for total beginners? Will I be able to follow without any problems?

Yes, whether you are a beginner to everything or a super advanced Instagrammer or TikTokker, the bootcamp will be of great value for you. The material has been delivered to groups just like you earlier this year, with updates made for the autumn season to reflect changes in the digital marketing space. you will be able to follow and learn exactly what you need to do your job and show how great you are.

When will I receive my certificate?

You will receive the certificate as soon as you finish the full course - and complete the exercises.

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