Google Ads / PPC can bring instant traffic and business, no waiting around for SEO to kick in!  If you are looking for instant increases in web traffic and conversions, PPC is a great option.

Google Ads appear on the Google search results and Google networks and are triggered by a user’s keyword search. Your ads can be targeted to geographical locations or even a set radius from your business.

Google has made it easy for novice users to set up Google Ads and you may be one of the many who have been burned by setting up a Google Ads account and getting lots of visits but no conversions, while racking up huge costs that go straight to Google?

Our Google Ads certified experts can save you money and increase website traffic. Brightspark has been doing PPC since 2003. You can trust us to be on top of the latest ad objectives, targeting options, and budget management to ensure you get the best return from your spend.

Google Remarketing

One of the best value ad types is Google Remarketing. This is where we show ads to users who have already visited your website, or your competitor’s websites.

You will likely have noticed adverts that appear to follow you around the web? These are remarketing ads. People need between 6-9 interactions with your website before they buy, so remarketing ads work really well to drive conversions.  They tend to be less expensive, than search ads. Remarketing ads can be text or image, but we find that image ads work better.

If you need help with PPC Google Ads and Google Remarketing Ads, contact us and we’ll get you set up right away.

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