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This morning's Dublin Chamber of Commerce Competitive Edge was all about Social Media. Great questions, audience, a proper turnout.

Not only was this morning the first real day of spring, but it was also an early start for 100 dedicated business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders who attended the Competitive Edge at Dublin Chamber of Commerce.  This is a really interesting series aimed at giving Chamber members the kind of skills and knowledge they need to go out and get more business. I was asked to talk about Social Media.

I thought about the biggest mistake I see businesses make in social media these days.

So I presented to the Chamber on not running your social media in 2017, with a 2014 strategy. In other words, switching from a text based (blog and text) approach to a video based one.  Like these examples below.


Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 15.31.37

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 15.32.22


















It was really interesting to see the range of people who were there, including the top people from the Chamber itself: the newly minted President Brendan Foster, the membership development team lead Rob Cullen, and events maestro Ciara Duncan. It’s always a privilege to speak at the Chamber of Commerce and this sold out event was pretty popular.

Dublin Chamber 4

Top Questions Asked

  1. Platform decision one: should I be on very platform?
  2. B2B and Facebook one: should I be on Facebook if I’m B2B?
  3. Lots of questions about ad targeting.  Or can I really target vegan rugby fans from Rathfarnham?
  4. There was a tricky one about the forthcoming legislation about being able to request from the social networks what information they hold on you… I think I answered that pretty well.
  5. Lots more probing about Facebook Live.

Dublin Chamber 3Dublin Chamber 5

All of these are answered with great clarity in my Learn Social Media Like A Pro online course.

The best thing of all is that I will probably be back in September for a deeper dive.  So book early when you see it on the Dublin Chamber of Commerce website. Today’s was sold out a week in advance. You don’t want to feed your FOMO.

Dublin Chamber 1

If you’d like to get me to speak to your audience or group about any aspect of social media, give us a shout. There’s nothing I love more than speaking about a subject I love, to an audience who want to get it.

Here’s a post event Facebook Live from Lottie Hearn!

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