Future Proof Your Business

with Digital Marketing

Those who embrace digital marketing transformation will be more likely to have an advantage over their competitors who do not.  

If you're worried that you're not moving fast enough to keep up with the changes in strategies and algorithms, or you come from an industry that has never fully embraced digital and you believe now is the time, we can help.

We've been around since the first wave of digital transformation in marketing in the 1990's and early 2000's. We've created websites and content strategies for vast numbers of businesses, across multiple sectors. We've helped grow millions of followers and delivered social media engagement for hundreds of clients in the second wave.

Now we are in the midst of a third wave: a new marketing revolution that is rapidly changing all of the existing rules and conventions. Exciting new technologies on decentralised online spaces are emerging, and the possibilities and direction for entertainment, retail, education, finance, and government are endless.

It is an exciting time to invest in digital marketing. You can transform your business by putting digital first at the heart of operations, marketing, sales, and customer service.  

With our decades of experience innovating, marketing and solving business problems using a digital first approach, Brightspark is your future focused marketing partner here to lead you into the next wave today.

Take the time now to plan, test, and optimise your future marketing campaigns. 😊 We can help 👇 

digital marketing strategy

Future focused marketing insights to propel your business to its next stage of growth. Plans to uncover opportunities include website, content, seo, email marketing, social media, and advertising.  

roadmap execution

Where we deliver on a personalised plan to help you become more digital, in the right places and in the right ways, and right now. Advanced know-how and technical hands-on to ensure the business moves from "meh to marvellous"! 

Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing School  

Practical skills for business growth and entrepreneurship. 


ESB Electric Ireland
Camile Thai
Dromoland Castle
The Sunday Business Post
Dromoland Castle
The Convention Centre Dublin
Powerscourt Estate
Lisa Browne
Declan hughes

Director, Auxilia (formerly Grey Matters Network) 

From the beginning, you made us think differently. And that helped.

Colm O'Reilly

CEO, Business Post

Excellent, informative, with practical insights immediately transferable to the business.

Brody Sweeney

Managing Director, Camile Thai Kitchen

Brightspark put new strategies in place around the tone and style of our content, helped us target more influential influencers, and schedule our content more effectively.

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