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Who Owns Your LinkedIn Profile?

Did you know that your employer can claim ownership of your LinkedIn profile, even if you set it up before joining the company? It’s totally legal, and surprisingly common practice with many employees being none the wiser.

social media lead generation ads

Where Do All The Leads Go?

How to access your leads generated from Facebook Lead Generation Ads, or Twitter Lead Generation Ads.


Words To Use On Social Media

Ever wondered what words work best on Facebook and Twitter! Most sharable and retweetable in list size right here!

skimming tips

The 6 Skimming Tips You Need

Most of what you write online will not be read! Scary right? Well I’m here to show you how to write for the web to boost your traffic.


Twitter Remarketing: A How To Guide

Time to get your snoop on! Twitter remarketing opens up exciting new possibilities for your social media strategy. See what you can do with this powerful new feature.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups: Yay Or Nay?

LinkedIn Groups are aimed at connecting like minded professionals. But are they doing what it says on the tin or are they just a waste of time?


Tweetdeck: A How To Guide

Finding Twitter confusing lately? Use Tweetdeck to cut through the noise and bring back your enjoyment for Twitter!

email list cleaning

All About Email Lists

Looking to clean out your email list? We give you the reasons why you should, how to and we give Brightspark’s example from our list cleaning.


Facebook Live : A First Look

A guide to Facebook Live, streaming video product from the largest social network on earth. FB is seriously pushing this. Read all about it. Give it a whirl!


Looking For A Social Media Intern

You will learn loads. You will be given responsibility quickly. You will have full support and direction.
Looking for a good break?

online design tools image

3 Design Tools Tested

Check out the results of our image design tools test: Canva, Venngage, and PicMonkey all tested just for you.