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web writing training

Write For Web

How to adjust your writing style for the online environment. Free video training. Web writing training.

Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager

How to set up and use Facebook Business Manager. You need this for effective ads and page management.

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Watch The Outtakes

I am committed to blogging more through video in 2017. Here’s hoping I’m a bit better in 2017 than I was in these out takes for Brightspark Academy online course.

brightspark academy launch

Why Now?

Social media is at a moment where it’s moving out of the typing pool, and you owe it to yourself to be sure you know what and why you’re trying to do.


Best LinkedIn Profile

My best ever tips on getting your LinkedIn profile right. Your LinkedIn profile is the key to your success on the largest B2B social media platform in the world.

social media lead generation ads

Where Do All The Leads Go?

How to access your leads generated from Facebook Lead Generation Ads, or Twitter Lead Generation Ads.

RGDATA Presentation

Slides from the presentation to RGDATA members on 21 September 2016.


Words To Use On Social Media

Ever wondered what words work best on Facebook and Twitter! Most sharable and retweetable in list size right here!

skimming tips

The 6 Skimming Tips You Need

Most of what you write online will not be read! Scary right? Well I’m here to show you how to write for the web to boost your traffic.