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How Many Hashtags On Instagram?

Don’t let anyone tell you different – the number of Instagram hashtags you need to be using is 30. This is the advice post the Instagram algorithm “big reveal” last week.

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Thinking Of A Starting A Business?

Today Brightspark has been in business for 18 years. Pre-social. Almost even re-digital. Some reflections on the ride so far to help you if you are thinking of starting your own business. 💪


Which LinkedIn Premium Product: A Guide

Do you really need LinkedIn Premium? Check out our review of all the LinkedIn Premium plans and decide which one is for you, or if you are OK to fly for free!

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How Brightspark Does Buyer Personas

66% of B2B marketers in 2021 admitted to neither conducting in-depth persona research to build a deeper understanding of their target market nor using customer journey mapping (58%). Here’s a great place to start to address that.

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Magic of Twitter Lists

Twitter is soon to launch a paid subscription service featuring Bookmarks, which is an upgrade on Twitter Lists. Maybe it’s time to fall in love with Twitter lists all over again?

retail content plan

Re-Opening Content Plan

Retailers and Salon Owners – get your great reopening content plan here! Download this free content planning template, edit for your business, and sail into the reopening with your content scheduled.


Instagram Scheduling Apps

Now that you can schedule Instagram using Creator Studio, is there still a place for Instagram scheduling tools? We say yes and find out why our favourite is from Facebook!


SEO Case Study: Furniture & Gifts

We worked with bespoke furniture designers Coolree Design to dramatically improve their SEO ranking. This SEO case study enhanced several key aspects their phrase rankings, keywords, and organic traffic.


Which Third Party Review Site Should You Use?

Review Aggregators You’ve probably heard a lot about the importance of reviews lately – especially in this post-pandemic marketing world, people are relying on reviews

Reviews Social Media Scheduling Tools 2021

Social Media Content Scheduling Tools Guide

Market leader Hootsuite has dramatically increased the price of the entry level package. Many of you are looking to switch tools. Picking the right social media scheduling tool can be hard. Check out our honest reviews of social media content scheduling tools and pick your favourite alternative to Hootsuite below.


LinkedIn Reporting

Possibly the weakest link in LinkedIn? Everyone loves to pore over their stats, so why has LinkedIn just disimproved its reporting?


Really Social Media

“Really Social Media” is a term we have coined to cover the emerging new social media platforms of Clubhouse, Lunchclub, Dialup & Discord. Also known as Audio Social, they each offer something a little different, all with the same goal of connecting people.


Why Reviews Matter

Reviews are an essential part of your Local SEO process. Find out here how to get a review process set up to guarantee a steady stream of reviews. Plus read on to learn how one tiny Croatian business is killing it on TripAdvisor by automating the process for seeking and getting reviews!


How Much Can We Trust WhatsApp?

WhatsApp T&C’s changed on 6 Jan 2021 force European users to accept data sharing with Facebook – or account gets deleted.

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Some Customer Reviews

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some brave and talented people in 2020. Thank you for your lovely comments.

word of the year 2020

Word Of The Year 2020

My word of the year is THEY. I’ve been quietly adding it to web copy, ad copy, and social media captions replacing he’s and she’s to make the world a little more inclusive.


TikTok v Reels

TikTok v Reels This image pretty much sums up how I feel about TikTok! It’s the one where you don’t have to stage your life,

RAI Brightspark

Brightspark RAI Collaboration

Joint effort by Brightspark and the Restaurants Association of Ireland to support the sector by providing training in social media designed to help restaurants survive by clear communication and clever social.

3 online video editing tools

5 Online Video Editing Tools

You know you need to do video. There’s a whole host of online video editing tools out there to help you. But which one is best? We road tested several, so you don’t have to…

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Top Tips To Re-Open

I’ve been doing a lot of work helping businesses get ready to reopen post Covid. Here are my top tips for restaurants, hotels, and bars to get your social media ready for business.