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ballygarry house hotel video

Top Tips To Re-Open

I’ve been doing a lot of work helping businesses get ready to reopen post Covid. Here are my top tips for restaurants, hotels, and bars to get your social media ready for business.


Instagram Scheduling Apps

Why use an Instagram scheduling app? You’re using Instagram and finding it’s driving good engagement. Now you’re ready to step up your game and start


Ways You Can Spend Your Voucher

Want to make the best use of your Business Continuity Voucher or Trading Online Voucher? Read on to find out how we have been helping some awesome businesses do just that, and bounce back Post Covid.

Marketing Consultant Testimonial

The Best Testimonials

Something you can do now to help you get back post Covid: get great testimonials. Here’s how to do it.

covid19 social media strategy

Time To Go Easy

At a time when social media is truly social, now IS the time to be purveying non-essential items. (update May 2020 – it’s OK to promote now)


How Brightspark Does Buyer Personas

Our proprietary approach to creating personas that form the basis of your marketing activity. This approach is unique to Brightspark and we have evolved it over 21 years. Tried and tested – you bet it is!


Learn Social Media Like A Pro Elite Is Back

Our most popular course – online with in person training – starts on 26 Feb in Dublin and 4 March in Athlone. Limited to 12 places. New for 2020: WhatsApp Marketing!


Digital Marketing Strategy Goals

Setting goals for digital marketing – the cornerstone to a good digital strategy. How to develop your strategy. Our strategic approach, and how we can help.

dark social media

Dark Social & Its Rise

Uncover the mystery that is Dark Social. Find out where your online traffic is really coming from. How to adjust your Google Analytics to measure Dark Social traffic.

whatsapp noise reduction

How To Minimise Noise on WhatsApp

Forget about Tik Tok; WhatsApp is the app of the year! More ubiquitous across generations, personal and business uses. Here’s my 4 ways of managing the noise on WhatsApp and reducing all the interruptions.

Maryrose Lyons Conference MC

MC @ 3XE Search Conference

Next Wed, 23 Oct. I’ll be MC’ing the best Search Conference to take place in Dublin City. Will you be there?

soolnua ranking of meetinireland

MICE Meets Vegas

We were delighted recently when our work for Failte Ireland’s Meet in Ireland team was ranked #1 on a highly prized business tourism scoreboard.

YouTube Speed Settings

Save Time Learning From YouTube

For many of us, YouTube is a place to go for learning. But how many times have you faced videos of 10 mins + and you want to get through it already?Here’s a great tip on how to speed up YouTube videos so you can still get the knowledge, but in super quick time.

LinkedIn testimonial Brightspark

LinkedIn Course Results

Thanks to Kate Casey from Teleplan for sharing her results on LinkedIn. Kate took the LinkedIn course during the summer and already is reaping rewards.

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Magic of Twitter Lists

What you need to know: how to set them up. Use cases for B2B Marketers and Event Promoters. Plus power user info on how to curate them.