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Joint effort by Brightspark and the Restaurants Association of Ireland to support the sector by providing training in social media designed to help restaurants survive by clear communication and clever social.
RAI Brightspark

We have specially designed a course to fast track restaurants and the hospitality sector to help them as they reopen their doors. Why? 

  • Because it is essential they communicate with customers about how they intend to keep serving post Covid.
  • Now is the time to seriously upgrade their communications, and that means getting sharper on Instagram, introducing process to social media so it doesn’t become a time consuming burden, and working out how to use ads to bring in business.
  • If you keep on doing the same thing, you will not get the results you need.


What you need to know:

  • There’s an online course that you can start immediately. This is your full serving of all the social media training you will ever need to know.
  • We’ve added in 3 coaching sessions designed to help you complete the course. You will be given tasks to do and it keeps you accountable. These are run on Zoom.
  • Throughout the programme, you can send in your plans and book in time to have specific one-on-one training with Maryrose Lyons who will review your content and progress and give you pointers on making it better.

The regular price is €900 for 9 weeks of action.  But the Restaurants Association of Ireland have very kindly offered to cover some of the cost for their members. 

If you are a RAI member, the cost to you is €540.

Coaching starts on Monday 20 July but you can join anytime!

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