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Favourite Module: Facebook Ads

“We implemented the strategy from Learn Social Media Like A Pro to run our Facebook Ads and it was a complete success.”

Ciara Crossan, Founder


Quinola Mothergrain

Favourite Module: Strategy definitely!

“Brightspark’s Learn Social Media Like A Pro has really changed my understanding of how we should be doing social media!”

James Livingstone-Wallace, Founder

St Canice’s Credit Union

Roisin Gilroy

Chief Marketing Officer

“Refreshingly honest, common sense approach. What we got was specific learning, definitive templates to work from, practical advice, guru-like guidance. Everything we needed to put the theory into reality and plans.”

Dental House

Favourite module: all of it!

“In our business it’s hard to get people in – the course taught us to define and target our customer personas, how to create content to talk to each one. And it’smade all the difference. We ran a lead generator ad on Facebook and got 91 new customers in 2 weeks!”

Theresa Hannon, Marketing Manager


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