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12 September 2016  
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Ever Wondered What Words Work Best On Your Posts?

Words make up most of our social media postings, so how do we use them correctly?

I really enjoyed this Neil Patel post published in 2015. He shared lots of tips on how to get more click-throughs on social media.  You’d know most of them, but some of them I felt I needed to immortalise in my own blog post.

Facebook Most Shareable Words

It seems fitting that the most used word on Facebook is Facebook (after all, it is the braggy platform), but Apple? Who knew Zuckerberg and Jobs were best mates..


Facebook truly is a strange place, but it is clear that emotive words drive interest. Most, Why, You and First all play on our emotions in different ways.

least shareable words

Users clearly don’t like a battle – with vs being the number one least shareable word on Facebook. Google and Twitter also get a mention. Evidently Facebook wants all the glory for itself.

Twitter Most Retweetable Words

On Twitter there seems to be an underlying neediness. Lots of Pleases and a cry for Help, littered with some commands – Follow, Check Out, etc.

most-retweetable-wordsImage Credit: Derbeth

It’s worth noting that it also is a huge platform for microblogging. With blog post and new blog post both making it on to the most retweetable words.

Instagram Most Used Hashtags

It’s clear from this list what our insta celebs are really interested in. Fashion, Style, Mens Fashion and instafashion are big trending words. I’m starting to see a pattern emerge! Topshop and Nike seem like the style icons on the site.

instagram wordsFitness and gym also show us the side of Instagram we all know and loathe. Instagram has long since been know as the site for over filtered and idealistic images. Perhaps that’s what real people’s fitness goals are. But weirdly, our users seem to have a thing for Ice Cream.

What Does This Mean?

Well now that you know what people are talking about, you can join in the conversation with our shareable words across every platform. Content is about the consumers, not you so tailor your words to this ideal as well.

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