Twitter Remarketing: A How To Guide 

29 August 2016  
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Twitter offers great remarketing possibilities on the platform. But it seems to define remarketing in a broader sense than the others do, which I like.  Remarketing can be about targeting people who have visited your website, and it can also be about targeting people who have signed up to your emails, or whose numbers you have gathered. 

If you, like us, enjoy the possibilities by marketing to warm contacts, then read on to find out more about how to use these powerful Twitter remarketing tools.

1.  Create Twitter Remarketing Tags For Your Site

The first thing you need to do is add the new Twitter remarketing tags to your website so you can start tracking who is visiting your site.  It is important to remember that these lists need to have at least 500 unique users before you can start using them on Twitter, so the sooner you get them added to your site, the better.

Login to Twitter ads.  In Tools, select Audience Manager, and select Make A Tag To Collect Website Visitors. It’s a good idea to label the tag clearly to make it easy to find later, and copy and paste the code for your site.

twitter remarketing website tags


When you have set up your tag and inserted it correctly onto the site into the metadata on your site, you will see your lists appear in Audience Manager. If you are unable to add the code, just ask your website developer to do this for you.

Until you hit that magic 500 your size will be marked as “Too Small”. But that’s ok! Just let it simmer away until you get enough visitors on your site. How long that takes will depend on your overall site visit activity AND how many of them are Twitter users.

twitter remarketing tag lists

Once your Audiences have hit 500 or more, you can now target Twitter ads at these specific individuals, such as:

  • Running ads that target people who have visited your home page.
  • Better still – running ads at people who have visited your check out but didn’t complete a sale! Send them a discount code. Go on, I dare ya!
  • What about those who have completed a sale? Send them a message that makes them feel warm and fuzzy about their experience with you.


2.  Use Your Existing Data: Twitter Custom Lists

If you have a list of customer emails, phone numbers or similar, you can create Twitter custom lists and use Twitter remarketing to target them.

In Twitter Ads, go to Tools, Audience Manager. Here you can view your existing audience lists and create a new audience.

twitter remarketing one


You have a few options, but to use your own data just select Upload Your Own List.

twitter remarketing two



You will be given the option to upload email addresses, phone numbers, Twitter usernames and more.

It is important to make sure you have permission to use this data.  Not that you need reminding, but just saying!

When you upload your list of emails or phone numbers, Twitter will whizz away in the background and will match your fields with Twitter handles that you can use to market to.

Bonus: when your list is uploaded and you’re ready to use it in a campaign, you can choose to also target users like those in your list! Twitter has promised an increased reach of up to ten times your list, so why not give it a go.


Using your existing data gives you loads of ways to do Twitter remarketing, including:

  • Reaching out to customers who haven’t already found you on Twitter.
  • Reaching users with the same interests as your customers.
  • Finding out who follows your competitors, and target them with your promotions.

3. Create Whizzy Targeted Promotions

When you have nice fat lists of website visitors or plenty of Twitter users that you already email, you can create cool Twitter promotions.

Start a campaign and set up your creatives. Then, in Tailored Audiences, you can upload your chosen list.

You can choose to leave it at that, or you can get clever. Remember that idea earlier – people went to buy an item but never completed the sale? Target these users by uploading your website tag for the Checkout Page, but then exclude any users that visited your Completed Sale page. 


The possibilities are endless! Think about what pages your website visitors could visit and how you can tailor your message to them.

If you think Twitter remarketing could help boost your businesses social efforts get in touch! We can help you set up your strategy and measure results.

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