Top 5 Online Tools for Business 

Multiple sectors – similar needs. But these 5 tools are relevant for all, plus one bonus one!!

12 May 2020  
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1. Emojipedia

This is one of our ultimate favourite apps, so much so that it’s the second app I open after email when I log in in the morning. The app is basically an online search engine dedicated to emojis, with its range of categories you can quickly find the emoji you need for any situation. Whether it’s a or an , Emojipedia has you covered.

2. LastPass

We have been using LastPass for such a long time, it’s a really powerful tool for keeping your passwords safe in one place. And it enables you to share with others securely. It’s totally free to use, with paid options available if you need to add team members.

You just pop your passwords into your trusty vault as you go along and you never need to wrack your brain to remember them again!

3. Logomaster.ai

Logomaster.ai is a really easy to use logo maker for any size of business. You can choose from beautiful templates or create your own logo from scratch. Creating your own logo is totally free, you can tweak and play with it as much as you like. You only have to pay to download your logo once you are 100% happy with it. There are 3 pricing plans. Although we are always about the free wherever possible, in the case of this one –

We recommend the “Enterprise” level. It gives you all of your social assets and watermark – for only $80!

4. Hemingway App

If you need to be sure that your copy is clear and compelling to read, Hemingway App is your pal! It highlights any errors or complexity in your writing and makes suggestions on how to improve to create a better experience for your readers. Plus it features our all time fave measurement score: the Fleisch Kincaid Readability Score. Aim for a 6 for web writing!

5. Canva

It is such a joy to introduce Canva to people for the first time! It has the most easy to use interface, enabling you to create the most stunning designs and visuals by drag and drop.

What we love is that it comes with pre-built social media graphic templates for everything from Facebook posts to logos and presentations.

It’s free to use, Canva make money when you use their premium stock images and a few other bits and pieces too. If you want to make a month’s worth of social media images without having a professional designer, then Canva is definitely a must!

Bonus: Zapier

Integrate and automate all of your most repetitive tasks in a flash….or a Zap as Zapier would say! When you introduce ads and automations, you’ll find yourself needing to move data from one app to another. Zapier makes the complex easy. It’s a real lifesaver for non-techie people as it saves time and is ultra reliable.

What are your favourites?

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