Time To Go Easy (Pandemic Existential Crisis)

24 March 2020  
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Social media had been getting a lot of criticism for its negative impacts, but right now it’s doing a pretty good job at bringing people together. Aren’t we all glued to our favourite social channels for news and updates, all the tales of horror and the beautiful stories of humanity. And it occurred to me that this is truly social. This is social media at its most pure.  It is what it should be about. People coming together and sharing. People. Not brands. Not businesses. And no ads!

I spent most of last week de-scheduling messages for clients because now is not the time to promote offers, build thought leadership about any subject that is not covid19, or run Mother’s Day competitions that look like they are about celebrating Mums, but are in fact just designed to drive engagement and likes.

With the spread of the virus, we have collectively moved down a few notches in Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs. Last month, we might have been fixating on the best product for fine lines, this month we are vigilantly observing social distancing while standing in line for toilet rolls at the local supermarket. Such a dramatic drop from self actualisation to basic needs has never happened in my lifetime.

A lot of people asked me if I was rubbing my hands with glee? With all the people stuck indoors with nothing to do, surely they’d all be dying to sign up for courses and improve their skills. Intuitively I say no. Until we move back up the hierarchy and have the headspace to allow ourselves to reconsider esteem and self worth, then no. While I’d like you to know that we have a new online course in content creation that went live last week, all about how to make great content, it’ll be waiting for you when you are ready, in a better time.

Sending you lots of love during this #Covid19 time.

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