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How we helped Inside Nutrition, an Enterprise Ireland client, with organic and paid social media content.

16 February 2022  
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Global Exporter Launches Retail Brand

Inside Nutrition embodies everything great about contemporary Irish companies.
It is a global exporter, highly regarded for the quality of its products, and manages everything from an environmentally friendly base here in Ireland. Brightspark has been working with Inside Nutrition since September 2021 to launch its own brand of sports nutrition and supplements. We absolutely love the brand packaging design done by Milc. As it was a brand new social media account, we had the opportunity to carry the design over to Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Inside Nutrition instagram post


  • Social media strategy based on best-in-class global competitor activity
  • Instagram, Facebook and TikTok account set up and content creation
  • Monthly content including Reels, TikToks, Stories, and carousels for Instagram
  • Influencer marketing 
  • Paid social and Google ads


  • 4.5% average engagement per post is a very strong result for a category that averages 3.2% (source: RivalIQ Research).
  • Very targeted audience built with strong representation among professional, semi pro, and enthusiastic amateur fitness people in Ireland.
  • Instagram engagement is driven by a combination of creator engagement, paid social, and organic content including competitions.

UGC Game Is Strong 🔥


Regular Competitions 🏆


Educating The Audience About Products & Features

Inside Nutrition Instagram Post No custom fees
Whey protein
Vit D reel Instagram

Knowledge Transfer 

From the outset, we worked closely with Inside Nutrition team to structure and create the social media and other marketing assets.  Brightspark's digital marketing USP is that we set things up for our clients, test to discover what works best, before handing over to in-house teams who are trained and ready to take over.

"Maryrose was very helpful in getting us set up and initial implementation of the social media for our brand. She brought a lot of knowledge and great ideas. Thank you very much for all your help"


Laura Greaney

Inside Nutrition

Bonus: How To Select The Right Influencers 💯

  • Audience - do they reach the kind of people you need to reach? How large is their follower count? 
  • Engagement rate of 3%+. They must have good engagement with their followers. And this can be tricky for creators to sustain as they grow in size. There are some good tools out there for finding this out.
  • Relevance - are they appropriate and relevant and a good fit for the brand? Who cares if they have a massive audience, if their audience are all fashionistas and your product is for sports fans.
  • Authenticity - does the creator share genuine, personal stories, tips, and advice along with their posts? This is a big endorsement for brands on their platforms.
  • Values - Check to see if you and the influencers have matching values to make sure they are in harmony. If you are a vegan brand it would be inappropriate to use an influencer who endorsed meat brands for example.  
  • Content quality - you must give them creative freedom to make sponsored content for your brand. So it's important to check that their content is clear, creative, consistent, well-composed, optimised for Instagram. And while you’re at it - make sure they haven’t promoted your competitors in the past!
  • Frequency and Engagement - Check how often they publish content and what content type performs best for them. Are they stronger on Reels or Feed? Have they got TikTok? To build a loyal audience, they need to engage their followers by posting content regularly at least once every 1-3 days. 
  • Reliability - Make sure they are reliable. Are they good communicators? Do they get back to you quickly? Are they proactive and professional? Sometimes something as simple as having an email address on their bio is a good sign of this.
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Brightspark is an approved Enterprise Ireland consultant since 2005.

We can help with EI Grant Applications. And can help you set up to manage social media in-house. 

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