Case Study: Get The Scoop On The HB Ice Cream Quiz 

5 August 2016  
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When HB Ice Cream contacted Maxol for a social media competition with its offer to give away a truck load of free ice-cream, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a little fun with the followers before the last Bank Holiday of the Summer.

So, we asked ourselves: how do we engage fans, hook new email addresses and give away some tasty treats?

Well there was only one possible answer to that – a fun quiz!

Social Media Competition Mechanic

We decided to run with a fun personality quiz – ‘What Kind Of Ice Cream Are You?’  You take the quiz, submit your details and one lucky winner was picked to have a HB Ice Cream party.  We had run with this, making up six questions with four possible answers. All questions were accompanied by an image.

social media competition case study question

There were four possible results, all of which related back to HB’s products.

  1. You could be childish, like a Callippo or Twister.
  2. You could be classic, like a Brunch or Iceberger.
  3. You could be fancy, like a Magnum or Cornetto.
  4. You could be hipster/individual, like a tub of Ben & Jerry’s.

We enjoyed getting down with the psychology of ice cream choices on this one!

social media competition case study answer

Quiz Targeting & Promotion

Once we’d made our quiz questions, we added a nice bright image to announce the Ice Cream party as a social media competition. Then we got to work promoting the quiz amongst our core target audience across Facebook and Twitter.  We ran with both platforms because we felt that ice cream is universal and would be a desirable prize for all of Maxol’s audiences.

case study image

Daily Posts

Daily posts on Facebook and Twitter brought the promotion to regular fans and follower’s attention. On Twitter, we used the hashtag #IceCreamParty or #NiceCream and we made sure to tag our friends at HB Ice Cream!

quiz post fbquiz post twitter

Facebook & Twitter Ads

A Note On Facebook Ad Targeting:

We ran with a mix of targeting Maxol Fans, Lookalike Audiences, and those with an Interest in HB ice cream and Cadburys – excluding Maxol fans.  We can’t share results here, but I can only say that it’s interesting the way lookalikes and interests are performing on Facebook as 2016 pans out. For social media competitions, it is always worthwhile to do continuous testing and not just run with something that worked in January, because things change, rapidly in this space!


Community Management

There were a lot of enthusiastic mentions on Twitter and Facebook throughout the week. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, people love quizzes!  But the Facebook fans particularly loved the HB Ice Cream promotion. We made sure to respond to as many of these as possible:

quiz posts fbquiz post twitterquiz post twitter

Winner Picking

Friday morning came and it was time to pick the winner of our social media competition. The winner was randomly selected using our in-house secret Brightspark technique, and it was Lauren Bekir, a Meeting & Events Sales Executive for Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Dublin.

quiz winner post fb



There were a large number of completed entries (sorry we can’t share the number), but we can reveal that 90% of them signed up for emails from Maxol. This is just great, because it enables us to take the conversation over to their inbox, where there is an implicit agreement that we can be a little more salesy.

Overall this was a great little social media competition. It certainly contributed to some feel good feeling amongst Facebook and Twitter fans in the week running up to a bank holiday, and it worked well on both platforms.

If you’ve read this and thought “I want a fun quiz to promote engagement”, why not get in touch? We are the people you are looking for.  We make you look good, and we make it look easy!

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