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Why we dumped SocialBee in favour of SkedSocial 🖤

23 February 2022  
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We Were Feeling a Bit Stung by a Certain Social Media Scheduling Tool

As you know, we are a hive of activity at Brightspark. We are highly regarded for our future focused social media strategy. When strategy is done, we are often hired to focus on social media content creation or where there's an in-house marketing resource, we provide digital marketing mentoring service.  Whichever way you work with us, we are pretty proud of our content creation process 👇

  • Plan
  • Create
  • Captions
  • Schedule

This involves a monthly meeting, one busy week and then a lighter touch for 3 weeks. We find this intense burst of creative activity - with a pause - concentrates the effort and creates great strategic content. We also know that our clients don't always want to be thinking about social! Working just one week (in four) on the content is like the pomodoro method applied to content creation. Try it - you might find it makes a change from other agency approaches!

Socialbee is the social media scheduler we had been using for the last few years. It is no longer fit for purpose, we had a look around for alternatives. 

Tools Need To Be Like Nature and Evolve 

A few years ago, a typical social media plan would have been Facebook heavy, with a little light Instagram thrown in, and LinkedIn and Twitter if it was for business. Now, most social media marketing activity that we are running for clients is on Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok, so we needed a tool that worked across them all, for all the features and content types. 

We’ve Needed To Leave SocialBee

On the face of it, SocialBee integrates with all leading social networks: Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter. But here's the sting with SocialBee…there were always lots of little problems that made for a not great user experience. We stuck around, did the workarounds, but they just became too many so we sadly made the decision to leave SocialBee.

Here's what scheduled LinkedIn videos look like on SocialBee and SkedSocial.

Socialbee LinkedIn Videos 🤮 - not up to scratch

Click on the post above to see a video on how badly SocialBee handles video posts on LinkedIn. It doesn't just display, there are 2 clicks to get to the video, which comes out really badly sized.

LinkedIn video scheduled with SkedSocial 💞
It just works. Displays nicely. Plays on 1 click.

Problems we had with SocialBee Scheduler

  • Instagram carousels. Hugely important part of grid activity, but SocialBee does not post automatically.
  • LinkedIn video: SocialBee is not properly integrated with LinkedIn. You can see from the example above, that we had real issues here with the videos not displaying right. 
  • Support - meh on SocialBee. In the world of social, the dust never settles. Support is needed 24/7 but we were left waiting, and waiting! — sometimes up to 8 hours and that's just not good enough.
  • Limited integrations to TikTok — SocialBee will need to address this as TikTok is a core platform now. It would be nice to be able to schedule TikTok sometimes.
  • Poor Analytics — insights and reporting are not good in SocialBee and we were already finding ourselves switching to other tools for clients that required better reporting.
  • UX - we are not so hung up on the interface of SocialBee and found it rather boring to use.

Essential Criteria In A Scheduling Tool
(what we looked for)

  • Better Instagram, including auto-posting of carousels. We knew this was possible elsewhere, but it wasn’t available to us on Socialbee.
  • And in a perfect world… the scheduler + Instagram would allow auto-posting of Reels. 
  • Instagram stories that are well handled.
  • Similar price point. We're hardly going to go from €22 per month to the likes of Hootsuite! But at €25 per month SkedSocial is €3 more but 300 times better! 
  • Hassle-free posting of video to LinkedIn. 
  • First comment scheduling on Instagram is nice, handy for tidy storage of hashtags.
  • Option to store and save URL's - the Sked Link allows you to send users to common destinations like popular blog posts, newsletter signups quickly.

So we decided to move the nest…

With all of the issues on SocialBee, it was time to find another scheduler. 

Say Hello To SkedSocial
(our new fave scheduling tool)

Sked Social: What We Love About You

  • Great reporting — the analytics is top. Deep and informative. Feels like it's part of the tool and not an added on place you have to go to!
  • We love the Best Posting Time insights right at your fingertips so no jumping around platforms trying to find that detail!  
  • Detailed data into how each post has performed are incredibly insightful and great for A/B testing

We love the Best Posting Time insights right at your fingertips so no jumping around platforms trying to find that detail!  


  • Great support — the customer service team is amazing to deal with, very responsive, will hunt you down till your issue is resolved, and we love this level of care!
  • Being able to post one piece of visual content and then set to go with different captions for different platforms. On the old tool, you had to do a workaround to make this work, and it was clunky.
  • Link in bio tool: Instagram only allows one link in your bio. Sked link in bio tool provides you with a unique link for your profile that sends people to specific content like blog posts, an email opt in, a specific product.

Overall, our experience with Sked has been great, we are humming! The customer service team is extremely good to deal with and of course, the scheduling capabilities are superior. You have got to have the love for the tools you use and we love Sked Social. Check it out for yourself. They do a 7 day free trial.

If you love tools as much as we do, check this out 👇 

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