This recruitment company’s SEO ranking went from page 5 to page 1 in 6 months 

Our search engine optimisation work has made a clear, direct impact on the number of organic enquiries received by the business.

24 June 2022  
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Ciara from Work Juggle was recommended by more than one person to talk to Brightspark. We finally got to work together during the Covid lockdown, and when restrictions eased, Ciara was the first business meeting that I had in real life!


Work Juggle’s business was built around a very strong referral network. Word of mouth counts. But like any ambitious business owner that wants to scale, Ciara and her team were after more enquiries from the website from people they did not yet know. 

With this in mind, we set a goal of generating improvements in search engine visibility and increasing organic traffic.

Brightspark’s SEO process begins with an SEO audit and  thorough analysis of the site, its competitors, and the keywords in use by the target audience. In the highly competitive area of recruitment, with multiple indigenous and global incumbents, we paid particular attention to finding long tail keywords where we would be able to quickly get the site ranked.

The Work Juggle website now has much stronger visibility for its target keywords. 

In this hotly contested sector, Work Juggle is now ranked: 

  • #3 for ‘digital marketing recruitment agency Dublin’
  • #5 for ‘remote finance jobs Ireland’
  • #7 for ‘remote finance jobs’  

Organic Goal Completions

Our search engine optimisation work for Work Juggle has made, and keeps making a clear, direct impact on the number of organic enquiries received by the business. 

Number of goal completions is currently running at an average of 87.5 per month compared to the previous six months last year.


Candidate enquiries, company enquiries, and newsletter sign ups are all up by a substantial margin.

This SEO campaign has delivered so much towards helping Ciara and her team hitting their growth targets for 2022. 


“Working with Maryrose was an absolute joy. She is a consummate professional who is highly skilled in the area of Digital Marketing and just so creative.  SEO has become very technical and complex it was a relief to know we were in such good hands. We are delighted with the improvement in our ratings and also the start of a long term relationship with Maryrose."

Ciara Garvan

Work Juggle

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