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7 September 2018  
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The most interesting result of this SEO case study is how the organic traffic from Google has continued at a higher level long after the completion of the work.

Financial Services SEO Case StudyResults:

  • 10 times increase in qualified traffic from search
  • Six months project Jan to June
  • One year later traffic is still 10 times the first month

SEO Process

Client’s Goals: first we understood the client’s business goals and how we could help to achieve these using SEO. Having a deep understanding of the client’s needs allows us to tailor all projects to their goals. We place a great deal of importance on knowing exactly what the client believes is a great outcome – and then we work to that.

Keyword Research is next. We were lucky with the keyword research on this financial services client account because we had been running AdWords campaigns for several months before the SEO started. The AdWords campaigns started with broad searches that narrowed to using single keyword ad groups as we discovered these were the best converting keywords.

Website Audit: as the website was running on WordPress and we had full access, we were able to fix issues as we audited. This is an efficient way to work as it saves time and money. More content was needed to support main pages and target longer tail keywords; our in-house copywriters were able to work on that. Title tags, descriptions, and some headings were altered but in general, the website had very little structural or hierarchical problems – again this is because we had designed it ourselves!

Local SEO: most of our work on this financial SEO project was around Local SEO and link outreach.  We set up and optimised Google My Business, including a full range of images. We completed all of the local citation submissions over a two month period. We did not expect to rank in the local map pack until the rankings were better for the website as a whole.

Link Outreach: we were very targeted with the link building activity and only targeted other financial websites. Outreach started in Jan 2017 and ran until June. The results from link building are generally slow to show – they can take up to four months, but due to the great content on the website, the traffic had already tripled traffic by month four on the main keywords.


Our SEO work was completed on this project by the end of June (within 6 months). The traffic on the website reached its peak only by October and has stayed steady since.

Investing in SEO is a real investment in an asset for your business. When done correctly, it can be the gift that keeps on giving long after we are done.

Who doesn’t want leads?  If your website is not producing as it should, and you’d like to increase the amount of business coming your way, get in touch.  We have years of experience optimising sites in all sectors to appear on the first page of Google rankings.

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