SEO Case Study: Furniture & Gifts 

8 March 2021  
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The work we have done for Coolree Design has had a very positive effect on their search engine rankings. SEO can take a good bit of time to get right. That is why we always quote 6-9 months to get the results desired.  But for a recent client, we were able to skyrocket their rankings on Google.ie in super quick time.

  • ‘bespoke furniture makers’ has moved from position #34 to #1
  • ‘handmade furniture’ has moved from position #77 to #3
  • ‘bespoke furniture dublin’ has moved from position #17 to #3
  • ‘bespoke furniture cork’ is now in position #6 after not even being in the top 100 when we first started

There’s no Year on Year data to compare because it is a new client website, but if we take organic traffic in February and compare it to the previous period in January, it shows a 23% uplift in users sent via organic keyword search.


Items of work completed from the roadmap include:

  • Moved all scripts over to Google Tag Manager (Hotjar, GA etc)
  • Fixed indexing issues, modifying robots.txt, fixing issues with XML sitemaps and reprocessing them in GSC
  • Fixed page rendering issue
  • Installed and configured Wordfence plugin
  • Fixed site architecture issues, made URLs shorter and search friendly, set-up 301 redirects
  • Made changes to the main menu system to improve optimisation for ‘bespoke’ and ‘handmade’ terms
  • Reviewed and improved internal linking
  • Created and applied Title and Meta Description Tag Test Plan (see attached doc for URLs optimised so far)
  • Set-up the keyword rank tracker
  • Added ecommerce tracking plugin and configured tracking  tags on GTM

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