Re-Opening Content Plan 

12 August 2021  
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Retailers and Salon Owners - get your great reopening content plan here! Download this free content planning template, edit for your business, and sail into the reopening with your content scheduled.Enter your text here...

Retail Reopening Content Plan

On Friday, I did an Instagram Live where I shared some tips for Retailers and Salon Owners to plan their social media content in advance of the Great Reopening 2021!

The plan contains a mix of hygiene content such as communicating about opening hours, bookings, and sanitising. But it also includes some scheduled fun as well as opportunities where you can thank your customers and your staff, and speak to the joy of being open for business again!

Get The Plan!

There is a real opportunity now for you to win new customers and confirm existing ones as loyal followers who will stay with you for months and years ahead.

Podium Research carried out in the US and shared by Jay Baer in a great webinar that I attended, showed that the post pandemic customer is not as price sensitive. Customer experience matters more now. 

Customer experience is influenced by speed and clarity.  The speediness of how you deliver is up to you. But my plan can help you score big on the clarity. 

Now more than ever, when everything is topsy turvy and we are all outside of our comfort zones, clear communication on what to expect is essential.

Click the link and get to a Google Sheet that you can save and work on for yourself.  👇

Get The Plan

If you know anyone who needs this content plan, please share.


If you need any help or advice on getting your social media ready, give us a call on 087 799 8066, or contact us and we’ll do our best to respond asap.

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