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4 November 2014  
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grant-thorntonOne of the country’s leading tax, accountancy and business advisory firms, and part of one of the largest financial services groups in the world, Grant Thornton engaged Brightspark Consulting to take an outsider’s perspective and work to refresh its website content ahead of a new website being rolled out globally. Brightspark loves B2B content. We love the challenge of conveying relevant and important information in a distinct and engaging style. So we set to work on the Grant Thornton challenge with gusto!

The Challenge

The previous Grant Thornton website was a mix of styles, and levels of detail provided about the core services. Part of the challenge for Brightspark was to produce professional website content that accurately conveyed each team’s strengths and USP’s in a seamless writing style.

Trends in corporate website copy have changed since the earlier version of the professional services firm’s website. The tone of corporate websites have changed, (thankfully) moving from passive voice towards a warmer tone, more direct, speaking in the second person with the needs and language style of the user in mind. This is where we began.

1.  Identify Personas

Most of our projects begin with a discussion with clients on who are the key users of the content and what is going on in their minds!  This step was even more important than usual because of the multiple types of buyers possible, and the various stages of the buying journey they might be at. All content that we wrote needed to be addressing the needs of these people. This ensures that content is user focused, not generic, and written in a style to maximise interest.

2. Review Existing Content

Brightspark then examined the existing content to identify strengths and gaps in the copy. From this we created an A list of those teams that needed some small updates, and the others that needed more attention.

3.  Time To Get To Work!

Then we sat down and actually wrote the new content. The new Grant Thornton site layout puts visual media up front and in focus, so we also brainstormed ideas for images and slideshows to accompany text to really make it shine.

  • We read all the publications that were available, selecting the best ones for showcasing on the new site, but also because we knew from experience that sometimes these more dynamic types of content would include items that would work well in the reworked copy.
  • We had telephone interviews with some of the teams to ensure that we were really getting the core message of what they are about.  This really enabled us to lift the content because, after all, no one knows the clients and their needs as well as the experienced practitioners!

The Result: Professional Services Content

Website content for the services section of Grant Thornton’s website has been carried out to the very high standard you would expect.  Professional services website content must be user-focused, with an engaging style and this is what we achieved.

If you think your site could use some fresh content that will appeal to potential customers and reassure about the work your business does, get in touch! We may not be experts on your business, but we are experts at writing website content that converts and works.   

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