Instagram Case Study: Pretty Baby Hair Accessories 

We helped Leona from Pretty Baby Hair Accessories with Instagram and Influencers

12 August 2021  
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Instagram Content Creation & Planning

Pretty Baby Hair Accessories wasn’t short of gorgeous images – cute babies in headbands and bows are an Instagram dream! What they needed help with was having a plan around Instagram – getting comfortable with the different vibes of the parts of Instagram (Stories, Grid/Feed, Reels, etc.) , knowing who they are talking to, and what are the main drivers of conversation that those people want to hear about.  

We were able to provide guidance on how to streamline the business planning process to include content planning, content creation, and scheduling it all to free up time.  Working with Brightspark means you get better Instagram and more free time to do other things! 

We started by mapping out their content plan, being sure to include their key content pillars of product shots, lifestyle shots and the occasional busy mum meme! 

We shared our secret formula for mapping out months of content in advance, and recommended on the planning and scheduling tools which they implemented right away.

We also highlighted the importance of using Instagram stories which they ramped up right away and saw an almost instant pick up in engagement. Quite frankly, if you’re not doing Instagram stories, then you’re not doing Instagram right!

The Power of the Hashtag

Using well researched hashtags is crucial to reaching your target audience and to gaining some extra organic reach. Most of the people we work with aren’t sure what hashtags to use, and most don’t even know that there is a science to it. Using hashtags with millions of posts is a huge no-no as your post will get drowned out and will have next to no chance of being seen. This is where targeted keyword research comes in. We showed the Pretty Baby Hair Accessories team the Brightspark formula to doing hashtag research, they got to work researching, and did such a good job that they started to see an immediate increase in impressions and engagement.


The Art of a Good Caption

We all know that Instagram is highly visual, a place where people go for aspiration and to check out gorgeous images. But that doesn’t mean that captions aren’t important too. The formula for the perfect Instagram post is a stunning, eye-catching image that makes people stop scrolling, then a great caption that will hook them and inspire them to take action – whether that’s to engage with your brand, make a purchase or find out more. Bonus points for using Instagram’s product tagging feature!

Influencer Marketing

Advertising is so 2017… in 2021, harnessing the power of influencer marketing is where it’s at if you want to build your brand awareness and allocate your budget wisely. Since 2019, the value of the influencer marketing industry has grown from $6.5 billion to $13.8 billion in 2021. Part of the success of influencer marketing is that traditional advertising is becoming less effective – people are sceptical of the promises that brands make and they want to trust the person who’s recommending a product to them. Micro-influencers (someone who has between 1,000 – 10,000 followers) are particularly effective as they will have a smaller, yet highly targeted audience who engage with them regularly. As they are already speaking to your target audience and are trusted, they are in the perfect position to share your brand.

We shared the Brightspark influencer partnership process and kit with Pretty Baby Hair Accessories and guided them on implementing influencers into their marketing mix


“Maryrose from Brightspark Consulting has a winning combination of knowledge, skills and experience in an ever changing industry. Her high energy and results focused attitude are infectious. She has been instrumental in helping my business form a successful digital marketing strategy. I highly recommend Brightspark."

Leona Barron, Owner

Pretty Baby Hair

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