PEIN Case Study 

19 March 2013  
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Filing Cabinets Are Old News

The aim of the initial project was to create a website to share the work of over 26 dedicated groups in the network. This would be a huge undertaking, as there was not only a vast amount of information, but it existed in a wide variety of formats.
The success of this project would lie in the ability to filter the information and present it in a way that best matches the objectives and aims of the user.
Brightspark stepped in to help guide and facilitate this huge move.

Bringing my skills as an experienced digital project manager, I was able to help the PEIN incorporate its huge data into something that people could easily access”
Maryrose Lyons of Brightspark Consulting.

Our Approach

When approaching any website project, it’s important to agree what the overall site objective is to be.

In the case of PEIN the stated objectives were:

  • To raise awareness that prevention and early intervention is the most beneficial way to go as the most beneficial way to improve children and young people’s lives.
  • To raise awareness of the investment made by match funding between the Irish Government and The Atlantic Philanthropies in the area, which resulted in an unprecedented wealth of Irish prevention and early intervention programmes and high quality research which raised the level of investment in Ireland like never before
  • To showcase the breadth of work that came out of that,being done by network members namely in the areas of:
    • Research
    • Advocacy
    • Services

The most important aspect of this work was to make sure all content was consistent with the standards set out by the steering group. In this project the goal was to create a site that not only displayed the wide breadth of information in a consistent way, but also conveyed that in an innovative and engaging way. This was achieved through video, white paper downloads, and other interesting content elements produced by the members.

Brightspark always stands over their work so I can be sure of the quality that will be produced. I rely on Brightspark for up to the minute ideas on how best to achieve our goals and deliver on budget.
Winnie Donoghue, Prevention & Intervention Network

Key Achievements

The project succeeded in accomplishing its objectives.

The information received was edited and filtered into the appropriate format. We created a site that went above and beyond a mere informative site. It is a success; is very user-friendly whilst successfully promoting a depth of important information and achievements of the network.




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