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About LinkedIn Done For You: Course Plus Coaching

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Premium course Introduction

Let's begin! Meet your course trainer. Stats on LinkedIn.

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Premium course The LinkedIn Landscape

Get to know the LinkedIn landscape - profiles, company pages, and groups. Hugely important stat on what you should create content on LinkedIn 💡


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Premium course LinkedIn Profile Pics

3 ways to win - start with the profile. Photos and images on your profile. Avatar pics - what not to do!

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Premium course Headlines

The most important part of your profile 🔥 Get the winning formula for yours now

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Premium course About Section

How not to appear as a pyschopath on LinkedIn 😂 Get the formula for how to do your About section right 👍

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Premium course Recommendations + Skills

How to ask for recommendations with 0% awkwardness! 😳 Why you need them. How to get them. Compelling reason for completing out the Skills section ☝️

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Premium course Skills & Experience

How to make every college job, side hustle, and project you've ever worked on make you look good 😎 What parts of your education to include in your profile and where Plus how to display college / university logos on your profile

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Advanced tips that even CEO's don't know. Vanity URL. People Also Viewed. Notifications.

Connections & Engagement

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Premium course Connections

Connections Targets Connections Strategy 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Headline + Note Tip 💡

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Premium course Engagement: 9 at 9

How to play the LinkedIn algorithm 💪 The easy way to get your name in front of people you need to influence on LinkedIn

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Premium course Comments & The Algorithm

How to trend on LinkedIn 🔝 Why shares aren't worth anything ❌


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Video + All Text Updates 💯 What content types to avoid Tip to add links in posts 💡

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How often to post? ⏰ Tips for making great video for LinkedIn 📹 Tool for adding captions

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Here's The Formula For Trending All Text Updates 💯

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Premium course Hashtags on LinkedIn

How to use hashtags on LinkedIn 👉 How many to use Tagging

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Premium course Content Planning

Create better content and save time by using this content planning technique How to influence job interview questions 💯


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Premium course Your SSI Score

Get Yours Here: www.linkedin.com/sales/ssi Free or Paid version of LinkedIn? 💰

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Premium course Metrics

Measuring your results Search Results, Profile Views, Post Views + DM's ❤️ How to measure Why they are important

About the Teacher

Maryrose Lyons

Maryrose Lyons, OG Digital Marketer. She is one of the very few in Ireland who was invited to join the International Academy of Digital Arts & Science - that's like the Academy Awards of Digital!