Give It Up For Mary Of O’Connell Street 

19 September 2016  
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Anyone who knew Dublin ‘back in the day’ might remember the lady who used to dance on O’Connell Street. She’d always be there, dancing away to her own tune, smiling, being herself. Her name was Mary Margaret Dunne and I came across a Facebook Fan Page for her some time ago, after she sadly passed away.

Who Remembers The Woman That Dances On O’Connell Street Beside The Anna Livia?

Mad Mary, as she was affectionately known by generations of Dubliners, was a bright and colourful fixture on Dublin’s O’Connell Street.

From the late Seventies until 2002, she could be seen dancing around the Anna Livia monument, singing and preaching God’s word. Though she wasn’t much of a conversationalist, it seems many remember the woman fondly.

This page is littered with tributes to Mary and her happy feet.

New York has the naked cowboy and we have Mary

She was part of my childhood memories going into town with my parents … never failed to make me smile.

We can all learn something from her approach to life…. she has and is living hers to the max…while not hurting or taking away from anyone, in fact she has given so much to so many people. Thank you Mary.

Used to see her all the time when I worked in Town . . . she always looked so happy . . . Fair play to her!!!


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  1. It was so sweet to be reminded of Mary just now. Funny how the little things that pin themselves to our memory boards can make us smile.

  2. @nickmcgivney Delighted to be of service Sir! Yeah, I was feeling nostalgic remembering our city when it was full of interesting characters like Mary…

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