Magic of Twitter Lists 

4 September 2019  
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Often overlooked, but oh so powerful

Twitter is great for connecting with specific audiences. If you’re in sport, politics, economics, or you need to contact your local friendly journalist, they’re all here. All 330 million of us.

But if you’re like me, the chances are you talk to lots of different types of people on the platform because you have different interests – work, life, and inbetween.  Twitter Lists are a very handy way of keeping on top of the noise and segmenting out your audiences. They make Twitter less tiring, as they make you more speedy.

Why Use Twitter Lists?

  • If you’re trying to build a relationship with specific individuals, you can add them to a list which makes it easy for you to pop in and see what they’ve been tweeting about.
  • I use Twitter a lot for learning, and I’ve created lists of people around subjects whose opinion I value. Again, if I want to drop in and see what these thought leaders have been saying, I can do that via the Twitter lists I’ve set up.
  • Create lists around events and attendees and people you’ve met there.  Or people who have used a certain hashtag and have therefore shown themselves to be interested in that.

There are two types of Twitter list:

  • Public – this is where your list is open to all to view who’s on it, and the individuals on it get a notification when added. Use this where you intend to flatter, eg. “Top Marketing Professionals I Admire”.  Everyone loves being called an Influencer!

  • Private – as the name suggests, this list is only available to you to see, and is best suited where you need to travel incognito

Here’s how to set up a Twitter list

Use cases for Twitter lists. If you’re new to lists, I recommend you set up the following:

  • Clients – keep an eye on any news they are posting, and be sure to retweet
  • Prospects – here you’re going to be using the reply button as you want to get chatting to these folks
  • Industry Influencers – learn from them, follow their links, and keep an eye on their hashtags

If you’re in the business of running events, suggested Twitter lists might include:

  • Sponsors – retweet their stuff!
  • Speakers – engage in a friendly way, apart from building relationship you’ll get an idea of what they are about before they speak
  • Exhibitors – if you have many, be sure to make this a public list.  Encourage interaction, and RT any relevant content
  • Delegates – you could save these for future targeting purposes

Powerful stuff here – how to curate your lists


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