LinkedIn Creator Mode: Is It Worth Our Time?

4 October 2021  

LinkedIn Creator Mode: Is It Worth Our Time?

In April 2021, LinkedIn announced the release of a new feature called “Creator Mode”, to help creators on the platform get their content out to the masses. Six months in, we decided to take a look at how well it’s performing.

Whether you’re a business owner or professional, LinkedIn is a fantastic place to reach new clients and customers. It has always been a great place to network and, more recently, it has been evolving as a place to learn about your subject area from the wealth of content that is posted there every day. It’s with this in mind that LinkedIn probably developed Creator Mode, but like many things LinkedIn does, it hasn’t really delivered.

If you’re wondering whether LinkedIn’s Creator Mode could help you establish yourself as a voice of authority on the platform, and you are trying to assess whether it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and activate Creator Mode on your LinkedIn profile, the short answer is no for now. Keep an eye out on announcements from LinkedIn in 2022. It’s likely that they will be develop Creator Mode and make it more worthwhile to switch.

What is LinkedIn Creator Mode?

Creator Mode, launched in April 2021, is a setting on LinkedIn that’s designed to help content creators grow a following and drive more conversations. It does this by making your profile more content focused with a few simple tweaks and by placing follows as they main call to action instead of connections.

You simply turn creator mode on or off by the toggle in your dashboard area 👇


Why LinkedIn Creator Mode?

LinkedIn released this feature as a response to a 55% increase in conversations that have been taking place on the platform since that thing happened in 2020. The global pandemic has been good for LinkedIn as more people than ever before are creating content for the platform.  

But there are so many other things that LinkedIn could have fixed or done better, than rolling out a feature that is only ever going to be attractive to 1% of the people who regularly use the platform.


What happens when you turn creator mode on? 

There are five key differences to your profile once you activate Creator Mode:

  • The “Connect” button changes to a “Follow” button instead to help you build a following.
  • Your featured area moves to the top making the content you produce more prominent. 
  • You can add 5 hashtags to your profile section to signal your key interests to those who click through to your profile. 
  • Your number of Followers is displayed at the top to build credibility and authority around certain topics. 
  • There’s the option to add a video instead of your profile picture to quickly communicate what you’re all about to viewers. 

On the surface, these changes sound great if you’re looking to reach more people on LinkedIn. Is that the case in reality though?

Meh, not really.

Here’s why…


Adding hashtags to your profile to quickly signal your topics of interest to viewers sounds like an interesting idea at first. 

But if you’re already using hashtags when you post content, there really isn’t a huge value add here. We recommend using 3 hashtags in posts by the way, you can drop them naturally into the caption or add at the end of the post. Some people prefer adding at the end of the post so as not to compel people to click away while reading.

Featured Vs. Activity Sections

On face value, switching up the focus by bringing your content to the top of your profile sounds like a good idea. 

But that’s not the case in reality. 

Without Creator Mode turned on, people who view your profile will see:

  1. Profile Picture
  2. Bio
  3. Activity  (i.e. your posts, comments & likes)
  4. Featured 

 So, once you pull back the covers on this, all it achieves is swapping the order of your Activity and Featured Content sections. 

There’s not much of a huge difference for anyone who actually takes the time to look at your profile properly. 

Connect Vs. Follow 

Richard van der Blom’s LinkedIn research 2021 revealed that Creator Mode causes you to receive 3 times less invitations to connect.

If you’re connected with someone on LinkedIn, there is the added benefit of being able to message them, and DM’s are an key metric for people who are serious about growing their business through LinkedIn. It is not a benefit to drive follows and not connections, and for us this is the main reason we don’t like creator mode.

If LinkedIn had made significant changes to the algorithm to favour those you follow vs. those you’re connected with, or if it distributed creators’ content across the platform more widely, then it could have a significant impact. But it didn’t. Creator Mode does not increase the reach or engagement of your content.

Creator Mode looks like yet another poorly executed feature from LinkedIn.

The Opportunity For Content Creators

LinkedIn Creator Mode is probably only of interest to the tiny proportion of people who actually share content on LinkedIn.

  • If you are looking to signal to the world that you’re one of these content creators, then go for it. 
  • If you are a follower of the Brightspark method, you can avoid the switch to Creator Mode. Just keep doing what you’re doing and focus on being a good connector and engager instead.

Want To Know More About The Brightspark LinkedIn Growth Method?

If you would like to learn more about the Brightspark method for LinkedIn engagement, we’ve got a great course for you. 👇 The Middle One. Check it out.

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