LinkedIn Course Results 

5 September 2019  
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LinkedIn Course Results

LinkedIn testimonial Brightspark

  • The latest release of my LinkedIn course has attracted a very high calibre of individual.  Get the course!

Many of the people taking the course this time are not newbies to the LinkedIn platform, nor are they unwilling players thrust into the role of being their company’s voice on the platform. The latest batch of participants are super high level achievers, “head of department” type of people who understand the power of LinkedIn and want to scale up their own activity to get the results.

My winning formula for LinkedIn truly works. If you follow me on LinkedIn, you’ll know this because I will be a regular feature at the top of your newsfeed.  Coming from a background of Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn is a walk in the park! 

  • No annoying 20% rules about text on images
  • Click bait writing style has not yet been banned
  • The tiny numbers of content creators makes those of us who do stand out.

But you’ve got to put in the graft, especially at the start, by identifying your evergreen content, which takes a little time just at the beginning.  Once you’ve got that, and your LinkedIn consistency muscle is strengthened, you’re in business!

Thanks very much to Kate Casey from Teleplan for taking the time out to tell us about the results she has achieved. And congratulations Kate for putting it into practice and doing the work.

New business in the door can be yours too.  Just head on over to our LinkedIn course, it’s just €99 – and it works!

LinkedIn For Business 2019

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