LinkedIn Ads: Which Type Is Best? 

31 July 2015  
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LinkedIn ads can be a great way to reach new audiences if you’re B2B. It is a platform for professionals to connect and engage in a business-focused environment. What better place to advertise your business?

Right now there are two LinkedIn advertising options:

  • Sponsored Updates
  • Ads

Both types of LinkedIn ads have extremely powerful targeting capabilities – you can promote your content to different people using location, age and job title filters.  But which LinkedIn ad is right for your campaign?

Answer: Sponsored Updates

While Ads can sit hidden away on the page, Sponsored Updates are placed right in the midst of your targeted user’s newsfeed. Similar to a post, these often get mistaken for organic content, and it is for this reason we’d recommend sponsored updates over basic ads.

This gives you a lot of flexibility to engage with your audience and get their attention, like this example:

linkedin sponsored update


LinkedIn ads allow you to promote your website or LinkedIn pages to new people. They display on the right hand side or top bar of your newsfeed. They tend to be used to promote jobs, and hark back to a time when LinkedIn was all about recruitment – and not the content place it is today.  Like Facebook ads on the right, these are not worth your time.  Leave them out of your LinkedIn ads strategy.

linkedin ads

Proof that we are right!

Here’s the result of an experiment by Top Rank Blog and it is clear that there is a difference in engagement between sponsored updates and ads.Untitled2

If you’re B2B and you think LinkedIn promotions would benefit your business, we can help!

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