Publicpolicy.ie Case Study: Where Does Your Tax Go? 

17 November 2014  
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Ever Wondered What The Government Does With All Your Hard Earned Tax?

  • “Where Does Your Tax Go” is an app we did for Publicpolicy.ie designed to answer just that.
  • It was featured by The Irish Times and The Irish Independent in their Budget coverage in 2014, and was covered by Journal.ie and Broadsheet.ie
  • The app had 21,921 unique visits since its launch which means that there are also a lot of other people in Ireland who have the same question as you! Total visits has been 50,230 since launch.

The app looks simple, but is powerful in the detail, and in the way it engages the minds of the intended audience. If you look closely, you’ll find that Ireland has a secret service… and if you want to get a feel for the scale of the national debt, click on the ‘servicing debt’ button – I dare ya.  Take me to the app or have a look at the highlights below:

animation final gif file


This was a piece of work that we did for Publicpolicy.ie that was widely shared across many social media platforms:


Tax Go Traffic


What was great for our client is that people of all ages and interests were talking about it especially on Twitter. It wasn’t just restricted to the economics crowd:

Tax Twitter Talk

And This Is How Great Things Happen…

During a meeting with Publicpolicy.ie to discuss the early results of the app, we had the idea of doing a topical version on ‘Where Does Your Tax On Wine, Beer And Cigarettes’ go just in time for Budget 2014. This was so successful we ran it again for Budget 2015. Check the infographic here.

Another subset of the data was answering the question of how local authorities spend our hard-earned cash with ‘Where Does Your Tax on Local Authorities Go?’  This was another award winner, and you can read all about it here.


Our interactive web applications have proven to be a novel and effective way of engaging interested citizens regarding issues of public policy. Brightspark Consulting has been invaluable in taking these projects forward and helping us achieve our goals of a better-informed policy debate.

Cormac O’Sullivan, Senior Researcher, Publicpolicy.ie


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