Publicpolicy.ie Case Study: Can You Hit The Budget Target? 

19 December 2014  
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Budget 2013 was surrounded by much debate about how taxes should be spent, and where the cuts should be made.

We invited the Irish public to step into the Minister for Finance’s shoes and put forward their perfect budget. The perfect thing for the armchair economist!
The fun thing about this app was that whenever a decision was made, there was always a gentle reminder about the implications of that decision making.
Budget App 1
Budget App 2
This app was very well received, with the help of some clever promotion on Twitter. Brightspark inserted Publicpolicy.ie into conversations that took place surrounding the Budget, which sparked interest and usage of the app:

Budget Twitter 1

Budget Twitter 2


  • 1,324 unique users used the app 1,772 times in a week
  • Good coverage on Twitter led to increased followers
  • Picked up by Broadsheet.ie and Journal.ie

Our interactive web applications have proven to be a novel and effective way of engaging interested citizens regarding issues of public policy. Brightspark Consulting has been invaluable in taking these projects forward and helping us achieve our goals of a better-informed policy debate.

Cormac O’Sullivan, Senior Researcher, Publicpolicy.ie


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