Infographic: Farewell To The Troika 

12 December 2013  
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Farewell to troika infographic

It all came about from a conversation on Twitter. A group of imminent economists were wondering how Ireland spent all the Troika money.

Publicpolicy’s name came up, they got on to me.  And so the latest Publicpolicy.ie Infographic came about:

farewell to troika infographic economists


Publicpolicy.ie is funded precisely because Atlantic Philantrophies could see that the Irish people were only getting information from two sources:

  • The Government which has an agenda
  • Media with their own agenda

One of the key takeaways in our infographic is that we actually used less than half the money that we thought we needed in 2008 for the bank recapitalisation.  I don’t hear anyone in media shouting this one out.  


We’ve a great little process going on for these now.

Just seeding it out now.  Hopefully you’ll see it somewhere else apart from here!

Thanks to Broadsheet.ie for publishing there.  And, the following comment from the extremely discerning readers there is also good:

troika infographic



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