How To Minimise Noise on WhatsApp 

You are in control of your experience, so here are our top 4 tips on how to reduce the noise from your WhatsApp experience!

19 November 2019  
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whatsapp noise reduction

If you’re new to WhatsApp Business, take note of this advice on how to keep the noise down. As with all social networks, you are in control of your experience, so here are my top 4 tips on how to reduce the noise from your WhatsApp experience.

How To Minimise WhatsApp Interruption

While the media are all talk about Tik Tok and how it’s sweeping the globe, they’ve got to write stories that sell. The real news that you and I know, because we are living and breathing proof of it, is that WhatsApp is the #1 app of the moment!

Whenever I ask for a show of hands at talks I give on social media, there are varying responses on Insta, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but the one that has the most hands swinging in the air is WhatsApp.

Think of it: you are probably in Groups with family members, there might be sub threads for your favourite family members (!), you’re probably in numerous groups for clubs, sports, and school stuff.

And increasingly I’m finding it is the number 1 app for work. We use it to easily share video and images. It’s so easy because everyone has it. I don’t have to convince clients to sign up to use it. We use desktop WhatsApp to ping links and to chat (so long Skype!). 

Because WhatsApp is used by all, it transcends Slack, Teams, and all those other tools. So with all of that in mind, here’s my gift to you:

How To Stay Sane On WhatsApp – By Managing The Noise

Here’s our top 4 tips on how to keep the noise from WhatsApp to a manageable level – if you know of any more, do please let me know.

  • WhatsApp for Business
    First up, if you are running a business, you should use WhatsApp for Business. There’s a setting you can turn on here of your business hours and it means that people cannot contact you outside of those hours. The only problem with this is that if you’re using the same phone for your personal calls as well, your mates also won’t be able to reach you. So maybe it’s time you got that burner phone? (Sorry I’ve been watching a lot of Line of Duty lately!)
  • Use Status Updates
    To tell people when you don’t want to be disturbed. WhatsApp status updates are a lot more popular in the US than Europe, so this advice only holds for our American friends. In Europe most people aren’t even aware of status updates – yet! But you can set your status updates to say when you don’t want to be interrupted.
  • Mute Button
    My favourite! Just mute those noisy groups for a week or more. As with any social network, you need to be in control of the message; your experience is determined by your settings.
  • Keep Media off Gallery
    By far, the most important, especially if you use your phone for sharing work stuff – go into your groups and switch the media settings so that all media is not added to your phone’s gallery which is the default. This keeps work stuff out of your family albums forever, and keeps your phone’s storage down as well.

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