How To Get Your Tweets On The Big Screen 

3 April 2019  
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This is not a post about sending your glittering tweets off to Hollywood to make a new life there! No – it’s a few pointers to keep in mind if you’re attending an event as a delegate and there’s a big screen.

If you find yourself headed towards Citywest Hotel, Croke Park, Aviva Stadium or any of other big convention spots around your city or town, take note of what to do to ensure your tweets hit the big time and get seen by all.

See the giant screens below with the numbers on them? What we’re about is getting your tweets on them so you can promote your business.  Sound good? ????

Big screens come with big screen software - we recently had the pleasure of using SocialWallPro, but there are lots out there, and you don't have to worry about how to use them.  What you are about is how to work them!

Top Tips To Get Your Tweets On The Big Screen

1. Be Visual. Posting text only tweets will not do it for you, who wants to watch text made large on the big screen?  Try and add an element of visuality (is that a word?) to your posts. You can do this by taking pictures of what's going on around you.  Or you can use the gif feature to add movement and visuality to your tweet.  Emoji's help. But no more than two.

perfect tweet for event social media

This is a perfect tweet and will shuffled right up onto the big screen in no time!

2. Be Timely. When it's the end of the day, and everyone's already had their lunch, social media event promoters are just not going to share your tweet about something that happened in the early part of the day - no matter how good, visual, or witty it is!  

3. Tweet often.  If you really want to get on that screen, and you're passionate about what's happening around you - do a few tweets. Be sure to mix up the language so you're not just posting the same thing. What can happen is that social media event promoters might ignore your first one, but when tweets, two, three and four land in their feed, they might hit the accept or publish button!

4. Don't just retweet. Personally I don't like giving the credit to those who retweet, I prefer to show the source. So spending the day retweeting other people's stuff is just wasting your time.

5. Don't take it personally! If your tweet is not shown, and your colleague's is... it's not us, it's you!  Social media event managers are always looking to put out quality material and too often are faced with dark, back of head shots - you know the ones! 

Follow these instructions and you will feature yourself or your business next time you're at a big event.

Most of all? Enjoy yourself. Events are all about the networking, it's a much better idea to lift your head out of your phone and talk to actual people at breaks, and when you're walking around. You can always fix your social up afterwards!

Social Media For Events

Brightspark offers two types of social media management for events: full service where we send our team to your event, create professional video and photography content, and send that out in a unique and highly stylised way.  We have much experience at taking the pressure off your internal events team by making your social media sing!

We also offer an implementation social media management service where we slot in to your existing team and add social media goodness!  You might have on-site professionals who make clever content, and you just need a little help packaging it right for social media.

If you'd like to have a conversation about getting Brightspark in to manage the social media for your next event, get in touch.  We'd love to hear from you.

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