How To Get Followed On Twitter 

13 April 2010  
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Apart from the obvious – quality tweets  – here’s what I look for when perusing follow lists and deciding whether or not to follow someone on Twitter:

  • Location – fill it in, tell people where you are.
  • Your last tweet will display when browsing lists of other people’s followers.  I just followed someone whose last tweet was “can you tweet from prison?”! It kind of grabbed my attention.  Similarly, if your last tweet is “duuuuddde…..” it’s unlikely you’ll get followed (by me).
  • When was your last tweet? If it was more than a couple of days ago I don’t want to know you.
  • Avatar – I’ll glance at.  If your avatar is a default Twitter one or a potential porn merchant I won’t follow.

If I’m looking at you on Tweetdeck, I’ll click ‘view profile’ and have a look at all your recent tweets.

  • If you use hash tags all the time, I don’t want to know.  Useless filling up of space and irritating for your followers.
  • If you only Retweet others I might think you’re a bot, so no thank you.
  • If you only ‘open the conversation’, ie. do not reply to people or generally chit chat, then I’ll think you’re a PR company tweeting on behalf of your client (but one who doesn’t really get it… ) – then I’ll choose to just take your client’s RSS feed.  After all what’s the difference?

Generally I’m looking for someone who has something to say, is there and is not hawking a product.

If this sounds like you, and I’m not following you (check it out here) – please tweet me using @maryrose and I’d be delighted to meet you!  The only reason I’m not is because I turned off the ‘alert me when someone follows me notification’ a long time ago, so  I fear I’m missing out on lots of potential new Twitter friends.

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