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29 June 2007  
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This past week I’ve been twittering a lot more than before! Thanks to Olivier who switched me on to Twitterific, an extremely cool little app that sits in the bottom of my screen and updates whenever one of my Twitter friends makes a comment. I also like Twitterific because it only works on macs; in a world of ‘sorry that’s pc only’ it makes a pleasant change. 🙂

I’ve noticed that there are two approaches to Twittering:

  1. The Literal – ie. answering the call “What are you doing now?” I’m in this camp and enjoy posting about the fact that I’m singing along to Damien Dempsey on Wednesday, or sharing a website that made me laugh. Stewart Curry is at this too – and God, I thought I had cheesy taste in music!
  2. The Microblogger – people who post in an abbreviated way to how they’d post their blog. In fact, Niall Larkin has just announced that he’s taking a blog holiday to concentrate on microblogging. These tend to be links to sites/articles/news and are informative/educational in nature.

Neither is right nor wrong. Because it’s how you make it. But I have enjoyed an extra layer of communication this week. It hasn’t affected my productivity. And it’s helped me get answers to some things when I needed them. So go Twitter!

Let's get started

Let's get started
  1. There was a huge dip in my blogging once i started using twitter properly. It was taking over entirely. So I decided to make it look official for my readers. I am starting back blogging again. Its interesting to find the balance and how one form of posting influences the other.

  2. And it’s good to have you back blogging Niall! I think the route we choose should be best suited to the audience. If you’re writing for technical people it should be easy enough to transfer over to Twitter. If (like me) you’re writing for non technical people who have yet to get into RSS, then stay on the blog! By the way, if you are wondering what RSS is about and think perhaps it might be beneficial to you, check this: https://brightspark-consulting.com/blog/?p=374

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