Financial Services Social Media Case Study 

21 June 2018  
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financial services social media ads case study

Many of our clients are small businesses with limited advertising budgets. They need to be sure they are getting the biggest possible return on their ad investment.

Here’s how we delivered 24 qualified leads per month for one financial services company in Dublin.

Awareness to Conversion

The objective was to get a specific target audience to visit the client’s website and to complete a contact us form.

We used a combination of Facebook Ads to get our financial services client in front of the right people based on their characteristics (awareness), and Google Ads to remind these people about the proposition and push them towards the end goal (conversion).

cpc 50cent financial sector ads

What We Did

  • We created a short video outlining the opportunity as well as several blog posts providing more detail on the features, benefits, and process. We also ensured that the landing page on the website and sign up process were working as efficiently as they should.
  • Google search ads were used to capture the searches already taking place for the product.
  • Facebook Ads were used to supplement this, and to target a broad range of people who matched the eligibility criteria of this financial product.

facebook ads pension fund manager case study

  • We set up a marketing funnel using Facebook ads which displayed the top level video to a broad audience, and displayed ads with links to the blog posts detailing features and benefits to those who had watched the video.
  • Google search ads were backed up with remarketing ads to target visitors to the website originating from Facebook with a call to action of signing up for a sales call.
  • The search ads also resulted in higher brand searches.To secure the conversion, we used lead generation forms on Facebook and Google remarketing ads.
  • Facebook lead generation ads were displayed to those who had watched the video and clicked to read the blog posts, ie. those people who had revealed their interest in the financial product.
  • Several ad creatives were tried and tested for each ad objective and the winning combination was run over several months.

Beautiful Remarketing

As soon as we started to deliver conversions, we created custom audiences and lookalike audiences on Facebook to target more of the exact type of people who had just converted.

cpc 50cent financial sector ads

And we set up Google remarketing ads to ‘follow people around the web’ in the days after engaging with the Facebook ads.

The Detail

We generated awareness about the product amongst middle aged men and women on weekend nights with our Facebook content. Dual screening and bad nights on TV very much worked in our favour!

Weekdays our ads appeared around the web as our website visitors and Facebook ad clickers went about their business.  Conversions happened on Sunday nights and early into the week as our target audience moved from awareness to consideration.

Results: A Huge Success!

Brightspark Consulting empowered its SME financial services client to attract, engage and capture new clients through a combination of Facebook and Google advertising. Over one year, from November 2016–December 2017: 269 new leads generated 50 cent cost per click achieved on Google ads 8X increase in site visits within 12 months 10 new closed deals with Facebook as first touchpoint 38% return on advertising spend

Brightspark Consulting empowered its SME financial services client to attract, engage and capture new clients through a combination of Facebook and Google advertising. Over one year, from November 2016–December 2017:

results for financial company using ads

testimonial from happy client

What We Learned

  • Never underestimate the power of video ads compared to images.  Video rules the social media world.
  • Give the audience some credit. It doesn’t matter if your product isn’t exciting. A patient, frank sales approach can sell even the unsexiest product – even on Friday nights!
  • Take the time to focus on the keyword research; it really pays off.
  • Approach your ads systematically. Don’t be afraid to experiment, hypothesise, and experiment again. The only bad experiment is the one you didn’t learn from.
  • And of course, go to where your audience is. For this age group and campaign, it was on Facebook.  But the sands are constantly shifting.

If you are looking at ways to reach new clients with your financial services products, talk to us about how to generate awareness on social and drive new business with ads.

Get in touch. Let’s have a conversation. Whatever your business, Brightspark can help.

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