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23 February 2017  
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Are you wearing your new Facebook page template yet?

Facebook has recently updated the range of Page templates with lovely new offerings, and if you’re still wearing the original with tabs dating back to the olden days, then it’s time to upgrade for this season!

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This post shows you how simple it is to make the change to your page and includes a couple of nice hacks we worked out that will give your profile added oomph.

Each page template comes with a set of tabs, which can be switched on or off, and jiggled around so that the order meets your needs.

The tabs appear on the left hand side of your Facebook page and I’m going to show you how best to use them, with a couple of nifty little hacks. Read on…

Your template options:

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Meet The Templates – There Are 9

1. The Standard Template

Facebook Page Standard Template
If you have lots of good reviews, we suggest you go with the order Facebook gives you. If you don’t have good reviews, you can either switch them off, or move reviews to the bottom of your list. It’s always good to keep posts and videos separate as it can seem like repetition if you post lots of video.

2. Shopping – choose from this list of little beauties:

Standard with the addition of Shop, Events, and Offers.
Home | Posts | Reviews | Videos | Photos | About | Community | Jobs | Info and Ads | Shop | Events | Offers 
It’s actually quite shocking the number of brands and businesses that are displaying old and broken tabs! This is most likely caused by over reliance on Hootsuite or a similar tool, which means Social Media Managers rarely visit their own Pages, but manage from afar.

3. Services get the added bonus of being able to list out services, offers and events.

Home | Posts | Reviews | Videos | Photos | About | Community | Jobs | Info and Ads | Services | Offers | Events 

4. The Business template deviates from the Standard template a little by adding an Offers tab.

Because the order of display can be dragged and dropped, you can lead with an offer.
Business Template Tabs

5. The Venues template has an events tab, which can be dragged up top.

Venues Template Tabs

6. Restaurant and Cafes gets the standard template with the inclusion of offers and events.

Home | Posts | Reviews | Videos | About | Photos | Community | Jobs | Info and Ads | Offers | Events

7. And there’s even a specific template especially for politicians.

It’s standard one, with notes and events. Also, the Jobs tab is removed.

8. The Nonprofit template is designed to encourage fundraising and donations to your case.

It has the same tabs as the standard template, with the addition of events.

9. The final template and a new addition for 2018 is Video Pages.

This one is perfect if you frequently create quality videos and want to highlight them on the “spotlight video” panel. This template comes with the standard tabs, but also includes events and shop for selling product. Jobs and reviews are not included.
Home | Posts | Photos | Videos | About | Events | Shop | Community | Info and Ads

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How to access the new look templates

Brightspark Top Tip

How To Add Awards

Your page’s Category plays a huge role in what kind of information you can display there. The amount of information on your About tab can change drastically with just a simple category change and for Brightspark’s page, it was setting our category from being primarily a Social Media Agency to a Consulting Agency that highlighted this.
If you set your primary category as Consulting Agency, you get to add Awards! You can input up to three categories for each Facebook Page, so for this to work all you have to change your primary category.
Facebook Page Categories
If you’ve won a lot of awards like we have and you’d like to display them, this is a handy tip!


We believe that Facebook is trying to lure business over to the platform in 2017, and you’ll probably see more pages becoming more like LinkedIn’s business pages. It’s a good move because Pages on LinkedIn are dead, so why not style up your Facebook Page where the action is and make it really work hard for you?
So what are you waiting for?  Time to switch on to Facebook business templates. Choose the one that’s right for you. Add awards using the hack we’ve included. And if you come across any others, do please let us know.

Let's get started

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