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20 January 2014  
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I was delighted to get a chance to create a new identity for an employment law firm in Ireland.

When we were setting up our business, we met Brightspark.  At a time when so many decisions had to be made, it was great to know that the website and branding were in such knowledgeable hands. We are solicitors who trained in big law firms where things like websites were done by others far more competent than us.  We therefore knew pretty much nothing about how to go about setting up a website.

Peter McInnes, Partner

McInnes Dunne Employment Law Solicitors – a not staid-looking site!


Work commenced after I met with the two Partners, Peter McInnes and John Dunne. They are clearly top of their field, and both have such a dry and funny sense of humour. I really wanted to get this across: absolute professionalism, succinct and clear employment law and industrial relations advice, from sound individuals. Check out the site.

The website Brightspark created for us is extremely effective at communicating what we do, looks as good now as it did on launch, and has been instrumental in getting our name out there and helping us establish our business.

Peter McInnes, Partner

Persona Driven Website

We identified the different types of people who might be in need of the employment law services of McInnes Dunne. This small step at the outset of a project is one of the differentiators of Brightspark from the rest. It’s important that we’re all clear on who is going to consume the content on the site, and to write with that person in mind.

What?  Your web designer doesn’t even write your content, let alone plan its consumption? How very 2009!

Logo Design

A sharp looking logo was created, along with designs for all the print materials law firms use.  [Quite a lot AND they still use faxes.]

WordPress Design

So it’s a beautiful one-pager web design conveying all the information that is needed, and it’s equally gorgeous on mobile, and tablet. It took a little bit of persuasion to get the guys to go for such a large cover image.  That is not done (yet) in legal sites in Ireland. But I bet there will be a lot of ‘me too’s’ after this.

I got to do a few nifty things, like the animated gifs on the about us section – and I really like the imagery used at the very bottom of the page… as they both walk off into the sunset, albeit a dark one!

Brightspark collaborated with the amazing Anthony Woods on photography. He’s such a professional. He really took the time to understand the brief, and communicated with me all the way through to make sure he was hitting the mark. Some great shots of the pair, who admittedly, are rather photogenic!

mcinnes dunne employment law ireland

Released From Captivity

A big thank you must surely go to Caroline Goulding of LinkedIn who was instrumental in getting John’s LinkedIn profile back into his own hands.

I would recommend Brightspark for anyone who is starting out and needs a good value website and digital media strategy.

Peter McInnes, Partner

A smart employment website that raises the bar for the legals in Ireland! (Pardon the pun!)

Check out the McInnes Dunne website.  


If you are starting out in business and need a little help to get a really good website, talk to us.

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