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6 March 2014  
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So you’re ready to launch your new app, product or service? Congratulations.

Now you’re ready to come to market, if you’ve identified a weak spot in the area of marketing, then we can help.
Or maybe you have someone who knows how to implement, and you need some help putting a strategy together?

Our strength is marketing. 

We have been doing digital marketing since 1999.

Digital Marketing Mentoring Package

  • It begins with a 2 hour discovery call. You brief us in on your target personas and your marketing objectives. Together, we’ll agree on a scope for our mentoring work together.
  • We can do monthly sessions or weekly.  It depends on what you need, and how advanced you are with your campaign planning.  The way the mentoring works, we listen to your marketing challenges and provide support, advice, tools, anything that will help you to do what you need to do.

We’ve been doing digital marketing since 1999, that’s a very long time. There is no problem or challenge that we cannot help you solve.  Our strengths lie in our experience at setting up the marketing function within new teams, our vast knowledge of social media, with an eye to the future always on what’s coming next, and how you can work this into your planning for best advantage.

Marketing Momentum 

As your marketing mentor, part of our role is to help you set deliverables and organise your time to ensure you are on course to achieve your marketing plan objectives.

Don’t have a plan?
We can help with that too.

Enviable Blackbook

We have a huge network of content creator contacts and can hook you up with good value talent for a range of services in the wider marketing space, eg. brand design, PR, Video, photography, website design. 

Let's get started

Let's get started
  1. Having worked with Maryrose on my business project for the past 6 weeks I have no reservations in recommending Brightspark Consulting. Maryrose helped me to identify my target audience, advised me with choosing web designers and content, helped with my social media and finally cajoled me into pressing ahead with an idea I had but wasn’t sure what to do with it!
    Without The help and guidance from Maryrose I certainly would not have achieved would I have in the same timeframe.

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