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27 July 2016  
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Check out the image we created to support the latest Quarterly Economic Bulletin from the Central Bank of Ireland:

brexit twitter image

It was used by The Central Bank on Twitter to promote its latest Quarterly Economic Bulletin:

So of course we couldn’t resist retweeting it!

After we’d recovered from the shock of the Brexit vote, we couldn’t help but jump straight on the case when The Central Bank contacted us and asked us for an infographic to supplement its latest Quarterly Bulletin. The chance to educate ourselves and others about Brexit? Why yes.  We’re up for that.

Once we established the information the client wanted, we were happy to comply.

If you’ve read this and thought “I wouldn’t mind an image like this,” why not get in touch? We are the people you are looking for.  We make you look good, and we make it look easy!


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Let's get started
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