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22 January 2018  
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In 2017, the Board of Tusla - the Child & Family Agency made a decision to join the Twitter conversation.  Previously the agency had no presence on the platform and it was felt that this left a vacuum that needed to be filled.  

Find out from Head of Communications, Alan Breen, how he found working with Brightspark.


Tusla is a national organisation with a staff of 4,000 people in over 400 locations across the country.

Goals of the project:

Develop their digital presence
Manage their reputation
Learn how to use Twitter as an outlet to share some of the positive stories that needed to be amplified and heard
Safeguard the agency’s reputation 

Strategy & Approach

We spent some time getting to know Tusla, and familiarising with the internal language of child protection and its many acronyms. There was some resistance internally to getting on Twitter and we had to take a very gentle approach and work hard to bring everyone on the journey.

We implemented a consultative strategic approach, that was well paced, and clearly focused on the goal. The launch took place in November 2017, and we supported it with extensive video content, promotion, and active engagement.

We were on hand for a further two months to assist the Comms Team to visualise their content and we produced video and visual evergreen assets that got Tusla trending, and enabled them to deliver messages that might have otherwise have been negatively received, eg. “Celebrating 4 years”.


  • 100% client satisfaction. The client is delighted with the result. The CEO of Tusla personally congratulated us for delivering the launch with ease.  
  • Project was delivered 100% on time, on budget, and exceeded expectations.

    Tusla scores the highest engagement on Twitter compared to its peers

    Tusla’s own hashtag was the top performing hashtag over the three months we managed the project (Nov-Jan 2018)

    Tusla followers have been steadily growing and they are engaging with the right audience as identified in our research.  

The biggest plus of working with Brightspark was that they took the time to understand our business, and they were very accommodating. This made everyone feel confident and be competent. We now have a public we are directly interacting with through unfiltered conversation. I heartily recommend Brightspark!

What about your organisation? If you're considering introducing a new communication channel and you need a little help to get things moving and to equip your team with the necessary skills, get in touch with us.  

If now is the time to update your social media strategy, talk to us. Brightspark's experience is trusted by public and private sector organisations who need to know they are making the right decisions and are being guided by professionals who specialise in social media.

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