Bye Bye Simple Assembly Me Hole 

18 January 2013  
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Back in 2009, amidst all the hype about Ikea coming to town, I set up a site called Simple Assembly Me Hole.  It was aimed at people like me (and you?) who would go out to Ikea, buy loads of stuff, and never get around to assembling it.. or worse – who’d not do a very good job at assembling it.  It was at the time of the “Big Freeze” when every business large and small was frozen in shock, no funds a flowing, recessionary vices gripping.   It was an opportunity for me to showcase my marketing ability and I had great fun with it.

I’ve just found out that the site has been hacked by some horrible Malaysian property developers and someone called Stephen who has been sharing his dating tips.

So I had a very funny call with Blacknight this morning that went something like this:

Me: Hi, I’d like to get some advice on ensuring that I shut down a site properly.

BK: Sure, you just need to deactivate the a record.

Me: Grand.  Looking at the list of sites now.  That’s funny – there are two simple assemblies…

BK:  Hmm, … looking at that

[They do look very alike]


Me: Oh that’s it – one of them is mehole, the other is myhole.  I’m just looking up myhole now to see what’s in there.

BK: [polite silence]

Me: That’s fine.  I’ve turned off myhole, just going to look up mehole now…

And lots more besides!

Anyway, goodbye Simple Assembly, you gave me lots of fun and enjoyment while you existed.  You gave some cash in hand jobs to out of work carpenters at a time when it was needed.  And you eased many a rocky relationship where She gets to go shopping, and poor He is left to fit it together.

To say goodbye to Simple Assembly Me Hole, I’ve posted my favourite video on Ikea furniture assembly.  Enjoy!

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