Brightspark is 3 today! 

16 June 2006  
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Happy birthday to us! We are 3. It’s been 3 years since Brightspark first set out its wares in the marketplace. And what an exciting and learning-packed 3 years that has been. [Hey, I’m in frivolous birthday mood, I”ll use makey-uppy words like ‘learning-packed’ if I want!]

Back then, there weren’t a whole lot of internet marketing companies out there. Web designers were still this mystic new breed that did things in ‘cyberspace’. And blogs? Well they hadn’t yet made it to the lexicon.

Brightspark was the first internet marketing company to have a blog. And back then it was all about the freedom of being self employed: how pleased I was not to have to wear a suit anymore. The first Brightspark site is still going strong, design has been updated a little, but the content and concept are still as we created them: Irish Honeymoon Registry – the site for couples getting married who already have it all!

Today’s pipeline is healthy. Projects are varied and clients are cool. Yes! All our clients are cool, inspiring individuals. Some of them bring changes and achieve success in the corporate system. Others are self employed, out there, doing it for themselves. They are all open to new ideas and have sufficient trust in us to let us push them, their sites, and their internet marketing strategy to new levels. Pretty much all new work coming out of Brightspark now has a Web 2.0 flavour to it. [And I’m not afraid to use that term!]. New sites from us are about inclusion, participation, adaption of new technologies.

Keep watching this space for more….And here’s to another fun packed, learning full, year of fun and change ahead.

Let's get started

Let's get started

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