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27 June 2007  
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When is a blog just a blog? And when does it become a fully content managed website?

When you’re looking at creating a 10 pager website, the smart solution is to create the site as a blog. The standard pages of your site, About Us, Services, etc. become simply pages on your blog. It looks identical to a ‘normal’ website. It costs slightly less to produce – always a good thing! And you get the added benefit of a blog of course!

Top 5 Reasons to Blog

  1. Open communication channel between you and your audience. Replace ‘press section’ of old with a blog and allow your audience to communicate with you through comments.
  2. Opportunity to display your knowledge and demonstrate your passion. Whatever it is you’re blogging about, when you get into the habit of blogging it will become second nature, and you will look forward to sharing the snippets of information that you come across over the course of your week. This, in turn, gives your audience a flavour of what you’re about and helps them to form an opinion as to whether they wish to do business with you.
  3. Helps your search engine ranking. Because search engines value sites that have frequently changing content, your blog site will score more highly on the search engines than a competitor site that doesn’t change from one end of the year to the next. In addition, when people link to you it accelerates your ranking because one way inbound links are the gold of search engine optimisation.
  4. Free content management system. Why create a website and invest in WYSIWYG software such as Dreamweaver or Contribute to manage content when you can do it for free with blog software such as WordPress? Why learn how to use those packages when WordPress is as easy as sending an email?
  5. Easy way of adding rich media to your site. If you want to add video or image, it’s as easy as cut and paste. You simply find something on Youtube or Google Video that you want to add, you copy the embedded code that appears beside the clip, paste into your blog and bang – move over BBC, you’ve got video content happening! When you get into this, you can create your own video – particularly good when you create things that look good – upload to video, download and paste it into your blog. Easy!

When you choose to go for a blog as your site, the only difference in the development process is when the design is complete. At that stage, normally we go off and construct html/css templates and build your site page by page. When you go for a blog site, we still construct the templates but instead integrate it with WordPress. It takes a little less time, so it costs a little less.

We’ve got a couple of blog sites off the blocks already including one for my brother’s restaurant, Kin Khao Thai. It’s not 100% finished yet because we have images of the smiling Thai staff to go in. Plus a few other bits such as the glowing reviews from Tom Dooley and Paulo Tulio, but my brother has been busy opening his new restaurant in Gorey, so the website has been cast aside a bit. But check it out and you’ll see what a blog-site looks like.

We’re also working on two very different blog sites at the moment: one is for a fashion designer who is excited about being able to add video and images of her work to the blog. Another is for a cleaning company that is really passionate about the results they achieve. They’re excited about blogging about new innovations in cleaning as well as uploading pics of recently completed sites.

So you see, whatever your business, there’s a strong case for moving over to WordPress. And not just a financial one!

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